Armstrong 3

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“There are great days in the lives of men and great days in the life of humanity. Today Fredrick is the later.” The man spoke with a deep British accent, his silver hair was trimmed short and his beard was long. He wore a standard NASA spacesuit, holding his helmet. From the pre-launch stage he looked like a benevolent father.

“My fellow Human’s, not since the days of the first moon landing have we attempted something so bold, so dangerous, and so historic. I captain John Tiberius am about to leave this earth on humanities first deep space mission.” Tiberius let the crowd cheer before he continued, “When I was a young boy, I lived for everything related to space. I like you, have had the privilege to live in a century rife with humanities expansion into the stars. I watched the fist colonies be placed on Eris and cheered in front of my television, but I wanted more, I wanted to humanity leave our solar system and explore the great universe. Now I have that chance, we all have that chance.” The anecdotal and hopeful speech made the crowd cheer even louder.

Tiberius lifted his hand to quiet them before he concluded, “It’s on this spot exactly two hundred years ago that man first arrived on the moon. It’s only fitting that this is the same spot we leave to explore the unknown area’s of space. Wish us luck and pray for us.”

Walking off the stage Tiberius put on his helmet and climbed the staircase up into the ship. Behind him was his second in command Frederick Holnikov, who waved and followed him up. Once on the bridge Tiberius nodded at, Angel Lachance, their pilot, Sidney Smith, their engineer, and Alexander Lee their doctor. It was a six person crew and each of them had been trained in two major professions in order to prepare for the trip.

“Good speech captain” said Smith.

“Thank you m’boy thank you.”

The countdown started and everyone fell silent. The only sound inside the ship was the crews jagged breath and the only sound outside was the terraformed wind. Once it reached zero the ship took off, slung out into the darkness of space by the maglev energies.

The launch was simple and the news stations declared that the Armstrong 3 was headed towards the edge of the solar system. Opening their solar sails they sped up to a maximum speed of 250 Megameters per second. At those staggering speeds they’d reach Eris base, on the edge of the solar system, in just under two days. If there had been no main asteroid belt it would have taken them less time but as it was they had to lower their sails and glide through the man made pass.

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