Dalia and Guy

Todays word is Clepe
So here’s a little tiny bit of Non-sense dialogue.

* * *

It was a sunny morning and two strangers were sitting at a café looking over the river.

“Beautiful day isn’t it?” the man said signing contently.

“I suppose” the woman replied.

“The sun is shinning, the birds are chirping, the water’s running, and the sky is…” he paused, “well I suppose it’s blue…”

“Not many verbs to discribe what it’s doing I suppose. It’s just sort of hanging there.” She finished his rambling thought.

“Hanging, yes hanging is good. I was going to say blueing but I don’t think that’s right.” He blushed at the silly comments.

Looking at her arm in faux-panic she said, “Oh phew, I seem to still be my typical colour. As do you, the sky hasn’t coloured us. I suppose it might be more figurative and we might be blue because the sky is blue…” She trailed off.

He smiled and half whispered, “Because the world is round, it turns me on”.

Without looking up at him she continued the song, “Because the world is round.”

Smiling they sang together, “Because the wind is high, it blows my mind, Because the wind is high.”

They suddenly looked up simultaneously blushing as they sang, “Love is old, love is new; Love is all, love is you”

“Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry; Because the sky is blue*” with the last lines their voices returned to the soft whisper of the first line.

“Beautiful song,” he said whispering.

“Yes it is” she replied,

“We skipped the first part” he continued.

“That’s ok the first parts always better then the rest and it makes life harder knowing there was something so beautiful at the beginning that you’ll never again recover” she said in one breath.

“Mind if I join you? It’s make signing easier if we’re not so far apart.” He tried to smile at her.

“If you insist.” Her reply was anything but comforting but the man took his coffee and walked over to her. He held out his hand and was about to introduce himself when she made a startled noise and said, “No! For heavens sake no! I don’t know your name, you don’t know mine, and there is a mystery between us that I don’t want to break. I’m sure you’re a wonderful man but I want little to do with men and I want to keep you as an abstract.”

Unsure of how to react he sat down and nodded. They both looked over at the water, neither said anything. “Well we can’t just refer to each other as ‘hey you’.”

“You’re right, why don’t we make up names for each other, you start.” She eyes sparkled playfully.

“Hum, I could call you many things. I throw out first the obvious choices like Belle or sunshine or Sky. Maybe something silly. Candy? Sugar? Mocha?” He smiled as she wrinkled her nose and shook her head. Continuing he said. “Instead I will call you Dalia. Yes that’s a pretty name and it’ll give you something to look up when you get home.”

Looking at him with her head cocked slightly to the left she tried to find a name in his face. “I’ll call you Guy.”

Shaking his head he said, “Guy? Really I give you a beautiful name and you give me Guy?”

Smiling almost coy she blushed and nodded.

“Guy. I suppose it’ll do. You are now yclemp Dalia and I Guy.” He had barely finished when she burst out laughing.  

“Yclemp? I haven’t heard that since my grandfather died almost thirty years ago.”

“It’s a perfectly good word.” He said trying not to sound indignant.

“It is Guy, Archaic but appropriate at the moment.”

Guy and Dalia spoke most of the morning before parting ways. He never learnt why she was sad and she never learnt why he was sad but for those few hours they were happy.

 *Because by the Beatles

 * * *

 Not quite as absurd as I’d hoped but I think it’s cute. I need to do more dialogue practise, I think that and descriptions are my biggest weaknesses. What did you like about the dialogue, what didn’t make sense, any tips or tricks?

Till next week,
Aspiring Something

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2 thoughts on “Dalia and Guy”

  1. This line didn’t make sense to me:
    ““Mind if I join you? It’s make signing easier if we’re not so far apart.” He tried to smile at her.”

    Other than that one, I really enjoyed it. It seemed whimsical and light, not quite brushing the durface of what they really wanted to talk about, but I take it you were going for that?

    It was cute. ^_^

  2. He was trying to get an invitation to sit at her table instead of on the other side of the cafe… He’s a little akward and probably coun’t think of a better thing to say.


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