The Professor


“The world ends?” She asked.
“Yep that’s what at least four ancient civilizations say.” He spoke with a slight lisp but it didn’t detract from his chiseled jaw or bright smile.
“Oh come now, professor, why should we believe what extinct civilizations say? I don’t see you sacrificing any virgins to make sure the sun rises but more then four civilizations believed it was necessary.” Dashani’s ponytail bobbed with every word and her high pitched voice aggravated everyone in the class but him. Sometimes he felt that they were almost alone in class conversing like two adults in a coffee shop. Often he would forget about the other dozen graduate students in his class as she spoke to him her auburn eyes flickering in his direction.

“I suppose well find out sometime next term Dashani, don’t forget that I need all your progress reports by next Friday. Have a nice winter break everyone.” It took all his effort to pull himself away from her gaze in order to make eye contact with the rest of the class.

Slowly they filed out of class and he sat down at his desk to write a few notes. Someone cleared their throat. Looking up the Professorsaw an old friend, “Macdonel you old dog how are you? I haven’t seen you since well geez must be 5 years. How was South America?”

Macdonel James looked at the professor, his eyes cold his skin pale. Moving towards him James embraced the Professortightly and said, “IT IS NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN.” Grasping him with one hand, James reached for a paper weight on the desk. Grabbing it he swung his arm smashing it into the Professors head.

All went dark for the Professorand when he started to gain consciousness he wished he hadn’t. His head felt like a balloon ready to pop at any moment. Once the pounding subsided he realized it wasn’t only his head pounding but there were drums all around him. He could feel the warmth of a fire somewhere off to his right and a cold wind blew on him from the left. He was tied to a chair, something heavy not his standard ergonomic chair in his office. It finally dawned on him to open his eyes.

In front of him were three beautiful women wearing almost nothing but grass skirts. They glowed in the firelight as they danced. Their bodies moved like waves against a shore their faces painted bright colours; he couldn’t tell who they were. Seeing him awake they all moved towards him dancing deasil around him. Chanting in what sounded like Aramaic. He tried to cry out a question but found that his tongue was numb and he couldn’t force it to form words.

The women continued their deasil dance and they started to run their hands on his body. Two of them had hands like coals that burned as they touched him and the third had hands like ice cubes. It all meant something but he couldn’t quite place what IT was. The women continued to dance getting closer to him and slowly ripping off his clothes. He would think this all very erotic if not for his common sense that said outside of bad porn things like this didn’t end well.

Stripped down to his boxers he could feel the hot handed woman getting hotter and starting to burn him. Just as he thought things were getting a little too warm he felt the coldness of metal on his skin. He felt a serrated blade passé along his left breast. Moan in pain he hear a joyous cry from what sounded like a small crowd.

His world swam as the pain on his chest, the pain in his head, the burning of his skin and his other burning threatened to overwhelm him. But as he felt his mind slipping into sleep the woman with the cold hands straddled him on the chair. Their naked torsos touched and he could feel her Goosebumps fro the cold night air. Placing her hands around him she kissed him deeply her tongue danced against his sending explosions of sensation through it reviving it from its numbness. She leaned in again biting him hard on the shoulder she moved her lips up his neck sending shivers punctuated by pain. She reached his ear and he realised she hadn’t drawn blood, he’d expected intense pain in the least but she was just putting up a good show.

Biting him hard on the earlobe she whispered, “Professor, if you’re going to get out of this you need to follow my lead, trust me.” Dashani’s voice was a welcome sound despite its mixed reactions. He tried to concentrate and follow her with his eyes as she gracefully stood and started to dance again, she now had a knife in her hands. His mind and body were in a fight for dominance, his mind advocating a plan of action that would get him through this alive and his body pumped full of adrenaline and endorphins cared for nothing but lust.

Slowly gaining control he realised that she had cut his bonds when she was on him. With the ropes loose he could easily escape. He felt the hot hands around his neck and could feel scorching breath on his neck. Thrusting his head backwards he connected with one of the fire woman and pushed off the rope around him getting up as fast as he could. Holding on to the chair till his dizziness passed he looked around seeing most of the university students standing in a circle looking pale and impassive.

Dashani took his arm just as a loud echoing voice said, “GET HIM!”

The high pitched and slightly nasally voice of Dashani broke him out of his stupor, again, “I think it’s time we leave now professor.” Pulling him they ran towards the forest. They ran until their bare feet were bleeding and they couldn’t run anymore. Collapsing onto the cold May earth he puller her towards him for body heat.

“Dashani do you realise what just happened?” he said trying not to think of her beautiful body against his.

“I saved your life. That has to be worth extra credit.” She said trying to hide her shivers.

“That was the Coderrian ritual of An-An-Pa; the ritual in which the dead are brought back to life in order to destroy the world.”

“I was kinda hoping to get my doctorate before the end of the world but at least I’m with you.” She smiled and he realised that neither of them could survive in this cold and they had to keep moving. There was a small village a few miles from the university grounds they could get food their and clothes, he hoped.

“Well before we worry about the end of the world or graduation let’s get you some clothes.” He smiled encouragingly and helped her up. It was going to be a long walk.

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