I have a theory on Marvel’s Agents of Shield


Actually I have 2. One that I’m convinced is true and the other that would be awesome.

*Warning Spoilers for both the movies and the tv show*

Coulson’s Parents

This would be cool but I’m not sure.

I have a crazy theory that Colson is Captain America’s son. There are two ways this could work. Either the Super Soldier Serum passed from Rogers to Coulson giving him super healing therefore longer live. Which would explain why he looks 30 or so years young than he should. They never state that Agent Carter and Cap, knock super boots but it could have happened off screen.

The second option would be that Stark/Shield kept some of Caps blood and used it to create a child through some sort of comic book magic.

Either way Shield is keeping him around in order to see what happens to him and because he’s half Super Soldier.

Shield’s Fate

I’m convinced of this.

The Girl-in-the-Flower-Dress mentioned something about the Clairvoyant seeing an end to Shield.

I predict that in Captain American the Winter Soldier, Cap will be manipulated into destroying Shield. He may try to stop it at the end but the movie will mark the end of the Big-Brother style Shield organization.

What will then happen is a splintering of Shield’s resources, a rise of the Ten Rings terrorist organization and of Centipede.

They will hint at the death of Shield for the rest of the series, leaving an obvious but cryptic message at the end of the season. Maybe even seeing the cracks of the organization.

What I’d love to see is whoever manipulates Captain America into helping destroy Shield, is both an insider and the Clairvoyant. Maybe Robert Redford’s Alexander Pierce?

What do you think?

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