Colds, Roleplaying Games, Bullying, and Creationism

Today will be a mixture of topics that jump around. Good luck following my train of thought as it chugs through this post.


I hate being sick. I’ve had three colds this year so far and I’m putting my foot down. No more! The line must be drawn here!

Because of this damnable cold, I’ve fallen behind in everything. This means I’ve scrambling but at least I’m starting to feel better.

Roleplaying Games

My wife and I lent our D&D 3.5 handbooks to one of our cousins, so that he could run a game for his kids. So far it sounds like they’re having a lot of fun. I’m excited to hear their stories and happy to hear that a new generation is being introduced to Pen and Paper games.

It also makes me excited to start a new game of my own. This is the longest I’ve gone without playing or running a game in over 5 years. I have a few ideas brewing and I’m hoping to get a group together for early July or late June.


Switching gears hear. My brother was in a short film on bullying. It’s well made and makes a strong point against bullying. Warning it contains violence, crude language, and disturbing scenes.

I’m not sure I agree with the “vigilante” theme but I’ve seen it be effective.

What do you think is the best way to stop bullying?


And another change of subject. I don’t understand Creationism, particularly the extreme version portrayed in the news. I know that they believe a literal interpretation of the Bible but how can they ignore the evidence of science?

It’s confused me for a while. Any thought?

Until later


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2 thoughts on “Colds, Roleplaying Games, Bullying, and Creationism”

  1. Urgh! Sorry to hear you are/were so unwell. It really does bite. Hope you get better soon.

    As for the Creationism question, I have no idea. I suppose it’s that people don’t like being wrong and humans are capable of rationalising just about anything; even if it looks insane to others.


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