Resolutions Mid-Year Review


A few changes have been happening in my life. I’ve started a new freelance position as a Layout Artist and my day job has just changed offices. This has made me introspective.

My Original Resolutions

I will Write 500+ words a day and complete 1 novel

I’ll be honest that I’m a little behind on this one. I’ve had a bunch of issues that have slowed my writing down but I’m trying my best to get back into the writing habit. I’m at 40,000 words (or 40%) in Everdome and I’m hoping to be done by the end of August. So on track ish…

I will continue to read regularly and attempt to read 30 or so books

According to GoodReads I’m 6 books ahead on this resolution. YAY! Six of those are Graphic novels that are much shorter than the rest but I’m definitely on track.

I will submit Parasomnia to at least 3 publishers and 3 agents

Currently Parasomnia is with Beta-Reader 2, who’s being extremely thorough and giving me great praise. I look forward to seeing what he sends back. Once I get through his changes I’ll find a third beta-reader and hopefully have something to pitch at Can-Con. I’d say I’m on track but everything is slow in publishing.

I will start a web-show and update regularly

Yeah… Sorry. This one has totally fallen by the wayside. I think I might have lapped it a few times…

I’m not sure what I’m going to do about this one. It’s been on my resolution list for two years now. I’ll get back to you. Maybe.

I will write a serialized story that I will update every month (Wattpad maybe?)

Although I haven’t signed up for Wattpad yet I have been writing and putting up a Serial story every month. I may break this one at some point and write 2 in a month.

If you haven’t had the chance to read last year’s, time traveling adventure check out The Ridiculous Adventures of Felix Felicis. It’s 10 parts and reads quickly.

This year’s story is a Supernatural Romance / College story, go read the first two parts of Only Human.

Mid-Year Resolutions

I’m going to keep all the previous resolutions and add a few.

Re-Submit A Study in Aether

I’m going to try and re-submit A Study in Aether to the publisher that has shown interest. It’s currently with a beta-reader and will hopefully be back soon. Then one more and it should be ready for a re-read from the Weditor.

Re-Design and keep updating Website

I think the colour scheme for JenEric Designs is getting a little dated and I’d like to update it to something a little more modern.

I also want to add Buttons and Coffee to our products pages and allow people to order them online. I’ll also be adding a section on Fandom Travel.

Short Stories

I want to write the third story in the Hal universe, it’s called “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to my Funeral.” Find the first two are here: Hal the Sun Speaker and The Assassin.

I also have a few other short stories that I’d like to write hopefully I’ll get the chance.


Before the year is through, if I’ve managed to finish Everdome, I’d like to do an extensive plotting of a new novel.

I want to write a Disaster novel following several groups of characters trying to survive during a super villain attack on their city. I’d treat the heroes and villains more like forces of nature and concentrate on the poor normal people who have to try to survive the devastation of their conflict. I’d like to mix a glib tone that makes fun of super hero tropes and the terror/horror of a natural disaster.


How are your resolutions holding up? Did you add any along the way?


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