Wargrave Island (Serial Story) List of Characters

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Sergeant Ethan Avalon

The only person who came as a plus one he is Riko’s police partner of six years. In his mid-thirties with a casual surfer look he’s often mistaken as innocent or non-threatening. He’s always been supportive of Riko and she has a huge crush on him that she won’t admit to herself.

Inspector Riko Dulac

Youngest Inspector in Ottawa Police history, she was the quiet geeky student who was often teased for being the only Asian in her class.

Abe Harker

He was an outcast in high school due to his high intellect and inability to understand the other students. His cape and obsession with old monster movies didn’t help. The same qualities that made him an outcast game him the tools to be a great surgeon. He still loves old horror movies.

Kate Irondale

The perfect sports person, she won all the awards Arun didn’t. She had a huge crush on him until her accident. She was hit by a car and lost the use of her legs. She and Arun didn’t speak much after.

She went on to compete in multiple sporting events in her chair and is considered one of Canada’s best wheelchair racers. She’s a wedding planner and has been happily married for five years. She’s the only one on the island to have children.

James Grant

Sandrine’s best friend and toady; he was known as Fat Jeff in high school. After getting caught in university selling drugs for Sandrine, he spent some time in jail. He spent his five years in prison learning all he could about writing screenplays and moved to L.A. where he had minor success writing and met his wife; Rani Grant, a famous Bollywood actress trying to make it in Hollywood.

Zoe Green

Online video personality and psychologist, was one of the first vloggers. She used her show in high school as a way of dealing with the stress and transitioned it into an educational program about mental health and fashion.

Zane and Blane Gunn-Gonzalez

Zane and Blane were inseparable throughout high school. When Zane came out as gay everyone expected Blane to stop hanging out with him but he kept saying he didn’t care. In senior year Blane came out as Zane-sexual, as he called it. The two have been happily married for eight years and are trying to adopt.

Arun Lazenby

Won almost every sports trophy in high school and was one of the most popular kids. He and Zoe were voted prom king and queen but he competed and hung out with Kate most of the time. Drafted into the NHL and played for two seasons before a leg injury ended his career. He did a few commercials before becoming a male model.

Jonathan Mayor

A recently divorced professional, he was known as the class clown and partier. He us convinced the he ran over Kate while drunk in high school but drove away before anyone knew. The guilt feeds his alcoholism and false bravado.

Sandrine Morin

The terror of her high school, she was the perfect bully. Her bullying helped to hide some of her less legal activities. She was known to be able to get anything, for a price.

She graduated and went on to run her own construction business as a front for a burgeoning criminal empire.

Allison Rickards

A tech billionaire she found a way of using small portions of users computers to solve scientific and technological problems. TorrentSolve gave everyone who’s machine helped, a portion of the proceeds. Within one year of operations it had solved multiple issues and made Allison a billionaire.

In high school she was the quiet girl that everyone forgot was in the room. She spent most of her time reading non-fiction historical novels and playing with hardware and software.

Melisa “Missy” Quinn

Student body president and the schools biggest gossip Missy was efficient and ruthless. No one was surprised when she went into politics and became an MP. Intense by nature but always fair.

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