Dear Dragon – Secret 1

Hello Dragon,

Most parents call their unborn children things like peanut, or monkey. Your mother and I are not most people. Your parents are weird. We’re just as likely to get excited about Disney princesses as you are, we’re always saying quotes from movies and books, and we love games.

Ultrasound picture.
Aren’t they cute?

You’re now -181 days, and I don’t think your existence has fully sunk in. I’m not quite sure what I’m in for and that’s the first secret I have to tell you.

Despite what I’ll say, I do not know everything. I’m not perfect and I’ll make mistakes. Hopefully by the time you realize it, it won’t shatter your trust or belief in me.

I may not be perfect but I will try my best to take care of you and no matter what I’ll always love you.

If I have one hope for you, it’s that you’re never afraid to confide in me or your mother. We want nothing but the best for you, no matter what that ends up being.

I love you Baby Dragon,
Your nervouscited Father

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2 thoughts on “Dear Dragon – Secret 1”

  1. You’re going to do GREAT you and the Mrs. both. You two are some of the most excellent people I know. You’re kind, understanding, patient, sweet, caring, passionate.

    And I think, like myself, you still remember and can empathize with what it’s like to be young and awkward. And Little Dragon is going to benefit from that. Plus, your family is awesome. And having an awesome aunt you can play video games with, or who’ll take you to the comic store is rad (trust me, I know from experience!)


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