Wargrave Island (Serial Story) Part 4

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“Well I’m going to have another of these,” Jonathan slurred picking up a full bottle of gyn.

The rest of the group just sort of stared at him for a little until Zoe launched herself at him. “You killed her you bastard.” Arun jumped into action and grabbed Zoe before she reached Jonathan.

Falling backwards off his chair, Jonathan made a whimpering noise.

“Ok. Relax everyone. Someone has obviously staged this. We can’t even be sure that’s Allison.” Riko tried to sound calm despite the panic she felt. “If one of us is the murderer, we just have to stop them from killing until the boat comes in the morning.”

“So we should just lock ourselves in our rooms and wait it out?” Zane clung to Blane.

Nodding solemnly, Abe said, “Right. You should lock yourselves in your rooms while the detectives and I investigate.” The doctor looked like he was half in shock and half enjoying himself.

“Weren’t you totally into these kinds of movies?” Sandrine was standing like she expected to be attacked, and in her dress it was easy to see the strong muscles of her legs and arms. She owned a construction company and must still do some of the work. The teasing, judgmental tone of her voice hadn’t changed in the past ten years.

Either Abe didn’t realize she was accusing him or he ignored it. “No way. I hate psycho killers. I’m all about monsters. Dracula, Jeepers Creepers, Nightmare on Elm Street.”

“I’d feel safer if I was with someone who has a gun,” slurred Jonathan.

With hatred in her eyes, Zoe said, “I’d feel more comfortable if you were with someone who has a gun too.” Turning to Riko and Ethan, she asked, “You have guns right?”

“No,” Ethan said and shook his head. Riko knew he was lying. The group was too frazzled; adding guns to the mix would guarantee that someone would get shot and it probably wouldn’t be the killer. “We’re off duty. No gun.” He said it as if it was obvious. She nodded in agreement.

“So we’re on an island with a psycho killer and no guns. Okay then.” Jonathan took a great big drink of the already half empty bottle of gin.

“Abe is right. Everyone should go to your rooms, lock the doors and stay there until the morning.”

Slowly everyone went up to their rooms. When no one but Riko, Ethan, and Abe were left, they carried Missy’s body up to the makeshift morgue. When they’d placed the body next to the others, Abe turned the air conditioning on to maximum.

“It’ll hopefully preserve the bodies a little.” He shrugged. The room already smelled of death and bodily fluids.

In Ethan’s room, Abe asked, “Which one of them do you think the killer is?”

“Why do you think it’s not one of us?” asked Ethan with a smirk. Riko’s heart fluttered at the smirk.

Looking like he was solving a puzzle no one else could, Abe answered, “Riko has always been the most stand up person I know. If she kills someone, it’s because they were a really bad person. If she trusts you enough to be your partner, it can’t be you either.”

Despite it feeling like a back handed compliment, Riko liked that her former classmate saw her as incorruptible. She said, “I’m not sure who it could be. I mean Jonathan is a broken jackass. I’m sure Sandrine is capable of killing, but I don’t think she’d play these games.”

Shrugging, Ethan said, “I haven’t seen anything to make me suspect anyone, but whoever this is, they’ve put a lot of thought into what they’re doing.”

They talked a little more about the others, but nothing came to mind. With no cell signal on the island and no access to the WiFi, they had no way of contacting the outside world. They finally decided to get some sleep.

“We’ll walk you to your room,” said Ethan. Every corner and every shadow made Riko’s skin crawl. She felt like she was playing a survival horror video game. Any moment she expected a zombie to crash through a window.

Despite her nerves, they walked Abe to his room and nothing happened. They said their goodnights and headed back to Riko’s room.

Ethan went for the adjoining door, turned, and said, “Goodnight.” His smile was tired but warm. She wanted to tell him to stay. She wanted to feel his arms around her, his warmth on her back as she slept. She wanted him.

“Goodnight,” she replied as he closed the door, her moment passed.

She changed out of her dress and into a comfortable pair of shorts and a Superman tank top. She wasn’t expecting to fall asleep, but the stress and worry had worn her out.

She woke up to an alarm. She hit the alarm clock next to the bed but nothing happened.

The sun shone meekly through the hotels curtains signaling a beautiful day was about to start. The smell and sound of Lake Ontario wafted through the window. She must have forgotten to close it last night.

The alarm was her phone. She had a text message. It was from a blocked number, and all it said was, “The forth preferred those who were incapacitated, now it’s his turn to be penetrated.

There was a scream from the hallway and she ran out to find Sandrine standing in the doorway of Abe’s room. She was ashen with shock, and didn’t stop screaming until Riko pulled her into a hug.

Over the shoulder of the shocked woman, Riko could see Abe’s body hung on the wall by a six foot square patch of spikes. It looked like someone had pushed or tossed him into the spikes.

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