Wargrave Island (Serial Story) Part 6

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The boat was engulfed in flames and all they could do is watch.

“It’s not sinking. I’m going to swim it,” Ethan said moving for the shore.

“Don’t be stupid. That’s too far away.” Arun sounded like he was in shock, his words were monotone and said without emphasis.

“If he was thrown clear, I have to make sure he doesn’t drown.” Ethan made it clear that he was going.

“That’s really far…” Zoe didn’t sound convinced Ethan could make it.

“I’ve been swimming my whole life. I competed before becoming a cop. I’ll be fine.”

“I’ll go with you.” Riko hated water, but was starting to hate this island even more. She moved to follow him and he pulled her into a hug. He was warm despite the coolness and she felt better while he held her.

“I’ll be fine. I’ll take a life jacket in case I need it. Stay here and take care of the others.” He said loudly enough for everyone to hear before leaning closer and whispering, “Find out which one is doing this.”

She nodded at him and watched him walk away before turning to those left and saying, “Okay, everyone into the kitchen. It’s time to figure this out.”

The seven of them; Riko, Kate, Zane, Blane, Zoe, Sandrine, and Arun; all sat around the large dining table. For a long time no one spoke. They all just alternated between staring at each other and the television with the morbid poem.

Twelve naughty kittens all trapped on an island; they’re all going to die for certain.
The first betrayed love for cash; now she’s ash.
To violence and hate the second clung; now he’s hung.
To gossip the third fixated; now she’s been asphyxiated.
The fourth preferred those who were incapacitated, now it’s his turn to be penetrated.
The fifth was a jerk who loved a good burn, now in a ball of fire it’s his turn.

“Everyone who’s died did something the killer thought was bad,” Sandrine sounded annoyed.

“Seems a little disproportionate to have gossip and sexual assault on the same list. I mean I’ve made more than my share of people angry.” Zane wanted to be tough but Riko could hear the fear in his voice. “It’s not like crown attorneys make a lot of friends.”

“What the hell!” Arun jumped out of his seat and walked towards the far wall. The wall had a large chalk board surrounded by yellow orange wallpaper.

Following him to the chalkboard Riko asked, “What is it?”

“I swear I saw a blinking red light. Someone’s filming us.” Arun yelled as if he were trying to scare whoever was behind the chalkboard. “You’re setting us up and I’m going to find out why.”

“Arun, I didn’t see anything.”

The two of them stood in front of the chalkboard.

Just as Riko was turning around she saw a flicker of a red light. “Shut the curtains and turn off the lights.” A shiver ran through her as she continued to look at the blank black board.

The light was easily seen in the dark.

“What kind of bad horror movie bullshit is this?” Sandrine’s voice cracked in anger. Walking into the kitchen she came back with a large hammer used for tenderizing meat. Like all the kitchen utensils, it had a solid metal design.

“I don’t think this is a good idea,” Riko said as Sandrine started bashing at the chalkboard. The board splintered where she hit it and after three hard hits from someone who worked construction their entire adult life, it shattered.

The wall behind the chalk board was made of solid metal except for a small three centimetre hole that hid a small camera. Sandrine held up the camera and said, “I’ll find you and I’ll make sure you suffer for what you’ve done. You sick…” she continued with a long line of profanities that made Riko a little uncomfortable.

When she was done, Sandrine put the camera on a table and smashed it with her hammer.

Laughing awkwardly, Arun said, “This sort of reminds me of that party we had senior year.” When everyone looked at them blankly he explained, “It was the night before Kate…” he trailed off but they all knew he meant the night before Kate was hit by a drunk driver while jogging. “Anyway, remember we found that supper awkward kid—”

“Kingsley,” growled Sandrine.

Zoe’s parents had several hectares of land and she’d thrown a huge pre-graduation party. Everyone in their class had been invited. It was one of the few nights that Riko regretted. They’d all gotten drunk and she’d spent a good part of the night making out with Jonathan. Her chest felt tighter as she remembered he was dead.

While Riko only made out with Jonathan, others had done much worse. Some of the pairings that night destroyed relationships and started fights.

A girl in junior year had snuck in with a camcorder and recorded a lot before Sandrine found her. Sandrine had freaked out and thrown the camera into the fire. She’d yelled and said some terrible things to the girl before attacking her. It had taken three of them to pull Sandrine off of her.

“What ever happened to her?” Arun asked, voicing Riko’s thoughts.

“Who cares? That little snoop deserved worse than I gave her.” Sandrine’s voice was softer, but still filled with venom.

“Why is this wall metal?” Arun asked, leaning against the wall.

The silver necklace around Riko’s neck started to feel heavy. The small dolphin pendant her father had given her came out of her shirt and seemed to float towards the metal wall.

Kate’s wheelchair started stuttering towards the wall despite being locked in place. Everyone at the table got up as the silverware started rattling.

The metal hammer Sandrine had left on the table started to move towards the wall, scraping against the table.

Almost as if everything in the room decided to move at once. All the metal knick-knacks, the silverware, and pieces of the large chandelier took flight, moving as one large group towards the metal wall.

Both Riko and Sandrine dove, both for the hammer and to avoid the flying detritus. They missed the hammer and it took to the air, flying straight at Arun. He was pelted by several pieces of metal, forks embedded themselves into him, but it was the hammer that killed him; its head hit him in his neck and pinned him to the wall.

There was a sickening crack as the bulk of the metal pushed on him, crushing his body.

Riko felt her neck burn and the chain snapped off. It was just another pain combined with the multiple bruises and cuts caused by flying metal.

A large crack marked the end of the magnetic effect.

The cacophony of metal falling to the ground almost covered the sick wet thump of Arun’s crushed body falling lifelessly to the ground.

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