Yesterday, I posted on my personal Facebook wall about a ridiculously cheap sale from Toronto, Canada to Bali, Indonesia. The prices have obviously gone up since then. I wish we knew now whether or not Dragon is a calm baby, because I was seriously tempted by the price. Hopefully another crazy awesome deal comes up in September/October, like the one to Japan that popped up about a month ago, or this one.

Balinese temple. Image from
Balinese temple. Image from

Bali hasn’t had many big films set on it’s amazing shores. The only one I recognized was Eat Pray Love. The third portion of the film was set in Ubud, Bali.

However, despite lacking in fandom culture, Bali has a DC comic book shop, and a lot of their own culture to sample while visiting. The number of temples on the island is staggering, and the craftsmanship of sculptures and other artistic pieces is stunning. The food is excellent, and scenery out of this world!

If you’d like help booking this trip (or others!). You can contact Jennifer Desmarais through Orleans Travel.

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