Blush: Relearning how to pee

The other day, I came across a very hilarious account of Shoshana Sperling, a woman who had bladder leakage. If that doesn’t sound funny to you, I agree. It doesn’t. But the way that this story was written really tickled my fancy. Go read it here.

If you just want the facts and don’t want to read the article (but you really should because it’s hilarious), her bladder leakage happened because it stretched from holding the pee in. Once it’s stretched, it’s hard to tell when it’s full. And bam! Leaks.

An exploding water balloon seemed fitting here. Image from flickr.

This can happen to anyone, not just moms, like in the story. (They call it “busy mom syndrome”.)

And the cure is relearning how to pee. Having a schedule. Shrinking your bladder back to normal so that you can tell when it’s full.

The result of this research is me realizing that being able to hold my pee for hours and hours at a time is not something to be proud of, because it’s stretching my bladder, and I’m probably going to have this exact problem very soon.

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