Blush: Binders

Blush: Binders

I was having difficulty coming up with a topic to discuss in this week’s Blush post until yesterday. A friend had shared this post:

It hadn’t occurred to me before, because although I played a boy in a couple dance routines, I never wore binding because my breasts were small enough to hide. But now that it has been brought to my attention, I wanted to learn more.

Binders. Don’t use this kind to bind your chest, though. Very unforgiving.

Generally, it is recommended to discuss binding with your doctor. They know your body best, and can recommend the maximum length of time you should be wearing a binder to minimize the risks of damaging your body. However, you should also discuss with someone who knows about binder materials and how to bind properly and safely. Ottawa has a great sex-educational store that sells binders: Venus Envy.

It is very important to note that no matter how safe you are, binding over time comes with serious risks, including pain (potentially chronic), discomfort, and physical changes not just to the chest tissue, but to the spine and rib cage. So please be wary of compressed ribs, collapsed lungs, or back problems associate with spine misalignment.

I would imagine there are similar problems with wearing a corset for too long.


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