MCU, Infinity Stones, and Black Panther

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I am a big fan of superheroes. I’ve watched all the most recent movies and most of the TV shows. I gave up on Daredevil but that’s another post.

I saw Black Panther a few weeks ago and I have an interesting theory. Spoilers for all of the Marvel Movies below.


We know where all but one of the infinity stones are.

Space Stone (Tesseract) – Confirmed

It was the first of the Stones that we saw. It was in Captain America and has moved around. Last we saw it Loki had stolen it at the end of Thor: Ragnarok. Seeing as we saw Thanos’ ship at the end of that movie, it’s likely he’ll have it or get it early.

Reality Stone (Aether) – Confirmed

This was the darkness thing from Thor: The Dark World. The Doctor The dark elf dude used it to try and bring darkness to earth. Last we saw, it was with the Collector, but I’m fairly certain he works for or can be bought/threatened into giving it to Thanos. So Thanos will probably have it at the beginning of the movie.

Power Stone (Orb) – Confirmed

This was the McGuffin from Guardians of the Galaxy. It goes boom. Last we saw it was with the Nova Corps. I’m hoping someone stole it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Infinity War opened with Thanos leveling the planet of the Nova Corps.

Mind Stone (Loki’s Scepter / Vision’s Head Jewel) – Confirmed

So at one point Loki had two Stones and still didn’t get anything done. Last we saw, it was in Vision’s head and will most likely stay there unless he’s killed or can survive without it.

Time Stone (Eye of Agamotto) – Confirmed

This powerful Stone was on earth the whole time… or in a pocket dimension? Either way, Doctor Strange wears it now. It was the Deus Ex Machina of the Doctor Strange movie. I look forward to Thanos shrugging off the effects of it and smirking… he’s such a smirker.

Soul Stone (Wakandan Meteor) – Theory

Captain America’s shield is spectacular. It does weird things with sound and vibration, and as Spiderman said, “That thing doesn’t obey the laws of physics at all!”

It isn’t, however, glowing or infusing anything with power.

The Meteor that hit Wakanda didn’t just deposit vibranium. It also permeated the soil and gave plants special powers and gave people descended from Wakandan’s a cool glowy lip tattoo. The metal worked from Wakanda glows and almost seems alive.

The power of the Soul Stone would explain why the Kings of Wakanda can speak to their ancestors in what seems like an astral plane after drinking a soul infused heart-flower.

Also remember that Vision is made from Wakandan vibranium. The combination of Jarvis, the Mind Stone, and the Soul Stone infused material would explain how he was made and why, unlike Ultron, he seems to have a soul. It could also hint that he can survive without the Mind Stone.

I’m convinced that the Soul Stone is in the Meteor at the centre of Wakanda. That’s not a good sign for the people there if Thanos gets all smashy-smashy.


What do you think? Am I out in left field? I guess we’ll find out in May.



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