Aurora Awards Nominations 2018

Hello My Imaginary Friends,

Allow me to be completely shameless again. This year I have a book, a short story, and a few projects that are eligible for the Aurora Awards.

Aurora Awards


The Aurora Awards are awards, “for excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy works and activities.” They are administered by the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association.

It’s a fan voted award in the vein of the Hugo’s, but with way more awesome people.

You’ll have to join the CSFFA for a pittance of $10 before you can nominate anyone. Once you’ve paid, you can nominate 5 works in each category. You can nominate works from now until May 26th.

The extra bonus of joining the CSFFA is you’ll get a voters package that includes most of the works that make the ballot. That’s 8-10 novels plus a bunch of other awesome stuff.

What do we have that’s eligible


My second novel Parasomnia is eligible in the the novel category:

Short Fiction

Last year’s serial story is also eligible Database of Ageless Kings.

Fan Writing and Publication

Jen is eligible for Fandom Travel and The Travelling TARDIS in this category.


This year I’m only recommending things I’ve read, participated in, or watched.


YA Novels

Short Fiction

Fan Writing and Publication

Fan Organizational

Fan Related Work


Go Nominate Works and enjoy the amazing science fiction and fantasy that came out last year.


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