Creative Ottawa Nerds – Update

Hello Creative Ottawa Nerds,

After our last event we had a little money left over that we kept to cover website costs and advertising for future events. We had some plans of working with local organizers and a new space but nothing concrete had been decided.

With events unlikely to happen in the near future, C.O.N. has decided to close its books and donate any funds we have left to the Ottawa Food Bank.

It’ll mean starting back from nothing when we hold our next event, but money can always be raised for an event and right now there are people who need it more than the event does.

We were able to donate just over $400.

If you are lucky enough to have some extra funds, they could make a world of difference for those that need it.

It’s a difficult time especially for parents and babies. The Ottawa Food Bank is doing some great work.

This year, Mother’s Day is happening at a time of uncertainty. The coronavirus pandemic is affecting our lives in ways we never thought it would. You have been incredibly generous with your outpouring of support to meet the urgent food needs. But Ottawa’s youngest need your support today. The Baby Basics program needs your support.

You can make a difference for mothers and babies in our community. More than ever in these uncertain times. Thank you.

Please consider donating.

Thank you!

Creative Ottawa Nerds organizing committee

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1 thought on “Creative Ottawa Nerds – Update”

  1. That’s incredibly generous of you. C.O.N. can be started from scratch – we have the precedent for that. And I’m sure the Food Bank could use the help.

    You make my heart happy.

    I’ll be first in line when C.O.N. is ready to be resurrected.


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