Stargirl – Recommendation Monday

Hello My Imaginary Friends,

It must seem really strange that I’m recommending Stargirl after my scathing review. I’m not, I still dislike that movie.

No, I’m recommending the TV show DC’s Stargirl.

This isn’t a review, I’ve only seen 12 of the 14 episodes. What I have seen is wonderful. It’s highly dramatic, like most modern superhero shows but it also doesn’t fear going into the cheesy.

It’s a superhero in small town high school type of show. The show could have easily devolved into angst, but the show avoids the usual tropes. The cast is really good and the mysteries are interesting.

The action in it is also top notch and makes me believe we could easily see them crossover with the other DC shows.

Today the first of the two part season finale comes out. I’ll be watching it next week as one long episode.

Have you seen Stargirl? What did you think?


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