Beans to Coffee ratios

Hello Coffee Lovers,

Here’s a question that we’ve been asked in reference to the Coffee Advent Calendars:

How much coffee does a 1 ounce bag of beans make?

The issue is that ounces are a measurement of weight and not of volume. I went out and weighed the exact amounts and found: 1 ounce of coffee beans grinds to approximately 4 TBSP (59ml) ground coffee.

According to our brewing guide, you should be using 1 TBSP of coffee grounds for 3-5 Ounces of water.

1oz bag of coffee should make 12-20 ounces of coffee

I recommend using it to make 16 ounces for the perfect strength.

A cup of coffee on your machine is equal to 6 ounces and not the standard US cup of 8 ounces. This can cause some serious confusion.

Thank you and hope this helps you brew a better cup!


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