Top 5 things I didn’t notice I did before Covid

Hello My Imaginary Friends,

There are a few odd tics that I noticed recently that I’m thinking I always had but didn’t notice…maybe it’s quarantine.

5. Misunderstand

I’ve noticed that when I want to lighten the mood, distract, or get further clarification, I’ll act as if I don’t understand any part of what the person is telling me. I think it’s a way of avoiding me making false assumptions, rather than playing dumb.

It’s a lot of fun with a 3 year old though. Especially with the old, “Hello hungry, I’m Papa.”

4. Sing

I knew that I sang with my headphones. (Poor coworkers and other passengers on the bus) But it turns out that I’ll sometimes make up songs about what I’m doing using a borrowed tune. It’s not pretty but it is funny and lifts my spirits.

The 3 year old seems nonplussed with a side of, “Papa, you’re just being funny.”

3. Mumble

I talk through my issues when I work or write. Normally that’s in my head but sometimes I’ve noticed that I do it out loud. Again my poor coworkers.

2. Fidget

I have a standing desk or I work on the couch… I do not stop moving my body for very long. I fidget and sit weirdly. I’m a bad stereotype of Bi people.

It’s not a problem unless the 14 month old decides he wants to play at my feet… then I invariably step on a toy.

1. Fools

I call people, situations, and things FOOLS more often than anyone who isn’t a cranky Middle-Earth wizard or a Disney villain should.

I know I do this more than I used to but 2020 and its people seems to need it.

Stay Safe and Be Kind,


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