Week 3 – Moana Results

Week 3 went quite smoothly with both virtual school and home school, minus a weird hiccup with google classroom not giving a link to the actual class. The teacher was able to fix it up quite quickly, though, so barely any time was lost. Dragon willingly spoke to the teacher several times during the day, which was great.


I kind lost track of how many times we did ballet this week. Essentially, I do this whenever she stops sitting still, so more often on some days than others.


No piano learning yet (my mom has said she will teach her, but my mom is very busy with her own life right now, so this might take a bit of time). We listened to a bunch of French music. Coeur de Pirate was the favourite yet again and I am thrilled because it is a beautiful album.


We managed to get a few more stitches in on Friday. This is definitely the category we do the least, as it involves me not crocheting on my own project in order to help her with her own.

Basic Information

We have played with the days of the week and have finished cutting out the months of the year. We’re storing each of them in their own separate envelopes (French and English together).

Printing words

Note to self, try to avoid words that involve combo letters. I felt like coeur was an important word to learn, though, so I kept it in for this week.

Counting objects/math-type activities

Her numbers have really improved in the few short weeks since we started doing this. I’m so impressed and love seeing the progress!

Draw x number of coconuts on a palm tree – this was cute and fun. We used the image from the above counting sheet in order to draw a palm tree, and then I had her put a certain number of coconuts in the tree and a certain number on the ground and then had her count them.

Count and talk a bit about the planets (before going star gazing!) I printed out planet worksheets for her to colour and count (and then explained about Pluto not being a planet). Sorry I didn’t include the link for the one image – I couldn’t find it again! πŸ™ She’s getting better at remembering the name for 5, but still needs practice for that and for 7 (in French, she has no trouble in English).


One of the books that were gifted to us was an under the sea create your own book. Dragon made the octopus one this week.


Star gazing – We went out on Monday night to use my old telescope (my dad came to help, thank goodness! My telescope is very beat up and hard to use). We started by looking at the moon, to give Dragon a chance to figure out how to look through the telescope (genius idea of my dad’s). She got VERY excited when she finally figured it out. I got a picture of the moon through the telescope lens! Then we shifted it over to look at the incredibly bright Jupiter, and were able to see 3 of it’s moons as well! I also got a shot of Jupiter through the telescope, although it just looks like a bright spot. Dragon says she saw it, but I’m not sure she did… And then we shifted over to see Saturn, and WOW! At first it just looked blurry, but then I pulled my head back a tiny bit and BAM! I saw it’s rings! No picture, sadly, because we lost it and couldn’t find it again. But overall, I would call star gazing a success! I’m even considering ordering a new telescope – one that connects to my phone to make it easier to see what we’re trying to look at.

Bake with coconut – cookies – Papa and Dragon made no-bake peanut butter and white chocolate balls. The coconut was put in the melted chocolate. Dragon learned how to melt chocolate properly, and was able to comminucate this to my mom and sister (video call for the latter) a day later. She also understood how many 1/4 cups are needed to make 1 cup and how many 1/5 cups are needed to make 1 cup. Pretty cool combining baking and math!

Objects floating in water – we had a lot of fun gathering the objects, guessing at whether they would float or sink, and dropping them in the water. Then she cut and glued them onto the page…she was very excited when she realized that the objects on the paper were the same as the objects she had dropped into the water earlier that day.

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