LAST DAY for Advent Calendar Orders

Hello Coffee lovers,

Today is the LAST DAY for Advent Calendar Orders.

We are extremely thankful and grateful for everyone’s enthusiasm over the Advent Calendars this year. We’ve sold more than last year without the bonus of having any conventions.

Poor Jen has had trouble getting the yarn and she’s been stressing about the baskets but, as always, she’s doing an amazing job!

We had to order extra bags and extra coffee which is awesome. The bags are taking their time unfortunately (Some sort of major turmoil going on in the USA) and will hopefully be in on time to package.

Here are the options for this year:

  • 24 Bags at 1oz each ($50)
  • 12 Bags at 2oz each ($50)
  • 24 Bags at 2oz each ($100)

This is a pre-order for our Advent Calendars. Flavours will be picked from our current selection and a few experimental flavours.

Pre-order deadline November 9th – Orders will shipped the week of the 23rd of November.

ALLERGY If you have allergies please email us at JenEricDesigns(AT) to let us know your specific allergy.

Pre-orders are open now

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