Disillusionment and media

Hello My Imaginary Friends,

I am not a perfect person. I am not completely innocent. I live with privilege on multiple levels.

I’m really sick of people I respect turning out to be dicks or having been victimized by dicks. Again, this is a privileged take, but I feel like I can’t turn around without finding out a creator I respect is homophobic, thought pedofilia was funny, abused children, is an abusive ass who should’t have any sort of power over women, was transphobic (no link for this one since there are too many to choose), or racist (I don’t have the energy to make a list) and that’s just the publicly known ones. I have personal gripes with several creators over the way they treat people at conventions or just being unprofessional.

That’s a very short and quick list. There are plenty more and it hurts. Not because these things came out, but because they happened. Someone who should know better took a position of hate or abuse and ran with it.

The worst part is that these aren’t extraordinary acts. They aren’t exceptions. They are things we see daily. From the co-worker whose name is said wrong because it isn’t English or French, to the the friend who doesn’t speak in groups, to the person who is attacked in the grocery store, the friend who must look for a new job because pronouns are too hard for the employer.

We see it every day, some live it all the time, and it’s fucking exhausting.

What can we do? NPR has a good Article: ‘Not Racist’ Is Not Enough: Putting In The Work To Be Anti-Racist .

Beyond that, the things that should be remembered are that we need to respect, believe, listen, uplift, and make room. Most important is to leave our egos out of it. If you’ve done something or heard something is wrong, don’t get defensive or aggressive about it.

I am not perfect, but I am trying to be as respectful as possible and I hope that if I step out of line people will tell me and I’ll take it with grace.

Be safe and be kind,


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