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Hello My Imaginary Friends,

I read today that Ontario has administered over 3 million vaccines, but that there were barely over 300,000 people fully vaccinated. I get the plan is to get everyone one dose as soon as possible, but that number is still depressingly low. At this point, the science is unclear on if this is a good idea (WHO, CDC, and vaccine manufacturers seem to think it’s not good). The lack of available vaccine is the problem and I really hope this isn’t going to bite us in the ass.

I see the numbers and I see my older relatives getting vaccinated and I’m happy for them while still being worried that they might have to take a third dose for effectiveness.

I should be heartened, the politicians are patting themselves on the back saying everyone will have one dose by end of summer. Everyone but children and teens of course. Those studies should be mostly done by Christmas, and if we’re lucky, roll-out should happen by next summer. (All three approved vaccines in Canada are in trials for kids and all are showing great promise. Moderna had a 100% effectiveness rating with 12-16 year olds.)

The mistakes we make now will seriously impact the availability and roll-out for kids. I understand that kids aren’t a priority. They aren’t hit in the same way as adults and that’s great. There have still been deaths (approx 200) and there have been multiple studies showing long term effects on kids. Overall they are rare, but if I can avoid the risk completely, I will. My wife and I are lucky that we can afford to; most people can’t and that frustrates me.

If I could get my vaccine later and give it to my kids I would, but that’s not how it works. Hopefully things will continue to accelerate.

I keep reading that the magic number is 70% of the population vaccinated. We can barely hit that without including teens and kids. We won’t because of the over-abundance of vaccine hesitance and anti-vaxxers.

I’m just feeling a pessimistic. I know it’s pandemic anxiety and I really hope I’m wrong and everything goes smoothly. As it stands, I have at least a year, probably two, before I can get a coffee with friends, go to the theatre, or walk by someone on the street without panicking.

Stay safe and be kind,


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