Dear Pegasus – Welcome to Level 2

Dear Toddler Pegasus,

Happy Birthday! You’re now 2 and you are awesome.

It’s been a treat to watch you grow. You’re clever, cute, loving, funny, and oh so inquisitive.

I have seen you almost every day for your whole life and you’re still surprising me all the time. You’re stubbornly dedicated to helping and doing things yourself. It’s admirable and I hope it continues. Like your sister, you are stubborn but caring, and will be a wonderful person when you grow up.

You probably have no idea how much your hugs make me feel better or how happy snuggling with you makes me.

At night when you scream out my name, it make me feel wanted and when you snuggle in while I rock you it melts my heart. You and your sister are amazing. You’re definitely the best thing your mom and I have made. (That’s saying something ’cause Assassins! Accidental Matchmakers is pretty awesome.)

I hope that you are having a great childhood, despite the global pandemic. When, and if, you remember this time, I hope you remember our family playing games and having fun. I hope you remember the time fondly.

We’ll keep trying to make your life awesome and safe.

Happy Birthday! I love you Little Pegasus,

Your Papa

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