Guitar Lessons Part 3

July 12: chord lesson blahs

I played the same lesson the entire lesson today; Em and Am. I need to get three stars on all three parts of the lesson in order to move on to the next lesson.

I have yet to succeed.

My fingers hurt.

Silver lining? I’m feeling a lot more confident switching between the two chords.

I guess that’s the whole point.

July 13: new chords

I have finally succeeded at the Em/Am lesson!!

Now I’ve moved on to E/Am.

I succeeded on the first attempt, but I like to play it twice because my fingers need the practice switching between chords. I don’t want to move on too quickly.

And then I couldn’t pass it again.


I appear to be on a downswing for my song too. It sounded all off today.

So now my fingers hurt and I’m not feeling great about how today’s lesson went at all.

Very disappointing.

July 14: moving forward

I beat the level!

Well, it’s not a video game, but it kinda feels like one.

So I completed the song with Am/E. Then I moved on to an Am/E/Em song. I completed it twice, passing both times.

I feel a lot better about my progress today.

That was the end of the chords lessons, and they moved on to basics about the guitar: the names of the strings, half steps and whole steps, and pitches.

I completed all of those easily.

I played my song again. Still not super happy with it today. That’s ok, though. I’ve got time to figure it out.

Yes, my fingers still hurt.

July 15: level 2

I completed the knowledge lessons. It’s nice to know that I haven’t forgotten things like how to count 4/4 time.

That meant that I got to move on to LEVEL TWO!

The first set of lessons are Melody 2. Single fingers, picking and not strumming. I completed the first few melodies with very little trouble (twice each, to make sure I had the lesson down properly).

The fourth melody really picked up the speed and switched from the 2/¾ frets to the ¾/5 frets and wow was that ever difficult! I completely failed (couldn’t even get to the end of the song) multiple times before I finally managed to pass. I only passed once though, so I’ll be playing it again tomorrow and hopefully succeeding.

As for my song…I seem to have stalled on it. I hope it’ll get easier to write the music for it as I learn more.

My fingers don’t hurt too much today. They sting a little.

July 16: slow down

Today I repeated the melody I was having trouble with yesterday and I only made one mistake. I was very satisfied and moved on to the next set of lessons; Melody 2.5.


That was a dramatic increase in complexity.

Changing frets AND strings and much faster than the previous songs.

So I took the time to run through the song on practice mode and slowed it down to 60% and tried again. Then I increased it to 75%. And then 85%. And then I tried again in perform mode. I wasn’t perfect by a long shot, but I got 3 stars (not gold stars) and I’m really thrilled with that.

I am not considering myself as “passed” though. I’ll try it again tomorrow and if I can get 3 stars again, then I’ll move on to the next lesson.

As for my song, I didn’t play it today.

However, I sang it. I think it’ll be easier to get the melody down on the guitar if I have it firmly in my head first.

We’ll see how that goes.

July 17: mostly positive

I started today’s lesson with the melody I was having trouble with yesterday. It took two tries, but I succeeded to my satisfaction.

Then I moved on to the next melody. The app told me I passed on the first try, which was, frankly, astonishing. The melody moved between the first 3 frets and the next 3 frets, switching between the bottom 3 strings. I don’t think it was quite as fast as the first melody I did today, but it was close. Then I tried it three more times before i finally passed it again on the fourth try.

I practiced the chords I know, both with a strum and finger picking each string to make sure I don’t have dull notes.

Again, I sang the song rather than play. I think I’m getting more consistent. I hope.

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