Guitar Lessons Part 17

Oct 6: Nervous-er

That probably isn’t a word. But you all know what it means.

I’m even more nervous than I was yesterday.

Today, during my practice session, I played several different classical pieces. My favourite is Night on Bald Mountain. You probably know it as the song in Fantasia with the devil.

My children dance while I play it and it’s hard not to laugh because their actions resemble the demons in the movie.

Then I played my song multiple times. I’m really happy with how it went today.

I really hope it goes as well tonight.

Oct 7: Performance complete!

Thank you for following me on my journey from first picking up a guitar to a performance for my writer’s group. I will continue to post updates, but last night was what I had been preparing for for three months.

How did it go?

I made several mistakes, missed the strings once on a strum, discovered that it’s really hard to play a chord when my hands are shaking, and it was LOVED by the writer’s group.

So I’m going to call my first performance a win.

Next up, preparing for a live performance in a year and a half. (If the book is accepted by the publisher.)

Also, I have another song that I get to write for book 2. I’m going to try to write the music for it too, but I’m sure I’ll need help from my music mentor for that. I still want to try. I understand how it works a lot better now, so fingers crossed?

Today, I played a bunch of classical songs, which was fun. Then I played my song twice and recorded it once. My kids sang along. (They’re 5 and 2)

Talk to you tomorrow!

Oct 8: Relief

I am feeling a lot of relief today. Like I’ve climbed a mountain and found that I didn’t tumble down the other side.

I played a few songs from the search function in the app, mostly Halloween songs. They’re fun.

It gave me the idea that I could play from my Christmas songbook I’ve got for flute once it’s time for that kind of song. It’ll give me practice with the names of the frets AND practice with the names of the notes on the staff. I’m looking forward to it.

I played my song once and then played a bunch of other songs. It’s nice to just include it on the rotation of songs rather than play it over and over again.

Oct 9: Over an hour

I played way too long today. My fingertips are tingling. I really enjoyed it, though.

I feel like my strumming is improving.

I played several songs from the app, including the two Halloween songs I found the other day.

I also played my song twice. My son sang along. A few seconds late, but that’s still amazing for a two-year old, imho.

Oct 10: Break

No guitar or uke today. Too busy with I’m not even sure what… Kids, I guess?

Hopefully I’ll pick one up tomorrow.

My fingertips don’t sting too much today, so that’s awesome.

Oct 11: Uke duets

Today, I played the soprano uke while my husband played the tenor uke. We had a lot of fun, although husband says that I didn’t count in (I didn’t, but he didn’t ask me to until after we’d finished for the day).

It was nice to realize I hadn’t forgotten all the uke chords, although our app is great and has the chords at the top of the song. I miss that feature in the guitar app I have.

Both kids also played with the ukulele. They’re so cute.

Pegasus with the soprano ukulele. He needs to work on his left thumb positioning.

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