Monsters Changed Everything

Hello My Imaginary Friends,

Writing is a lot of fun when it’s going well. The second book in The Gates of Westmeath is going really well.

Credit goes to Jen and her boundless enthusiasm for the book, the characters, and the world. It’s extremely encouraging to have instant feedback as I write. I really mean instant. We write in google docs and she’ll sometimes read as I write. At first it really made me uncomfortable, but I’ve gotten to liking it. It’s encouraging, hearing your first draft jokes and dramatic moments affecting someone right away.

No outline survives the first draft and we had thought the gangs in this book would be more prominent, but the monsters have taken over. So we changed the title.

Let me introduce you to Monsters! Incidental Wedding Guests:

We don’t have a synopsis yet (we’re only 2/3 of the way through writing it), but there are monsters in it and a wedding.

I hope all of you are as excited as we are about this series.


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