Statue and Bust

There were these little alcoves all around the room with statues. I wish I could remember whether the guide mentioned if the statues were there in the palace’s heyday or not…the alcoves would be a great place to have a tiny modicum of privacy. (Not that that seemed to matter, as the king regularly had visitors in his chambers whilst he was getting dressed, used the chamber pot, or bathed. I remember THAT because I remember thinking “ugh, glad I’m not the king in those times”.

New Year, New Schedule

We’ll be changing things up on the JenEric Designs blog for 2020, starting next week.

Monday/Friday will be Éric’s blog time.

Tuesday/Thursday will be Travelling TARDIS pictures (Paris/Cosplay continuing).

Wednesday will be something special that we’ll announce later. I will still occasionally post Fandom Travel and Blush posts, but not on a consistent schedule.

Happy New Year from our family to yours! I hope 2020 is the best year yet!