Dave Bautista


I asked Dave Bautista (Facebook, Twitter) who his hero was when he was growing up, and how it felt to be a hero to today’s generation. His answer: “Great questions. My hero is Lou Ferrigno. It is intimidating and an honour to be thought of as a hero.”

I love his answer!! It was quite amazing to meet him. 😀

April Laramey


I (Jen) had the great pleasure of meeting the author April Laramey (Facebook, Twitter) this weekend, which reminded me that I had yet to post her picture with the TARDIS, taken at this year’s Can-Con. April also contributes to Capital Geek Girls and Apt 613, great sources of information around Ottawa.

Michael Rooker series

“Am I allowed to get my picture taken?”
DSC00959small“I’m not allowed to pose for pictures. But just keep clicking, sweetheart.”
DSC00960small“This is rather cool. Did you make it?”
DSC00961small*Commence internal freak out*
DSC00962small*Almost died of heart attack*
DSC00963smallMichael Rooker (link to his Twitter) was super sweet when I walked up to his table at the end of the day on Sunday. There was no line, and I wasn’t buying an autograph. I asked him if he was scared of the zombies in Walking Dead, and he said “No, because I know they’re not real.” Then I asked for a photo, and got this rather interesting set of pictures. The TARDIS fluffed up again nicely after being squished. And he called me “Sweetheart”. I was blushing rather furiously after that one.

Happy Halloween!


DSC00880smallDSC00879smallMeeting all three of the hosts of InnerSpace was an amazing experience. I was so excited that I had a hard time stringing words together to make a coherent sentence, which was a problem because they asked me about the TARDIS, my K-9 hair clip, and about my Karen Hallion t-shirt. I didn’t get a chance to tell them how much I enjoy watching their show!

Morgan Hoffman

This year, at Fan Expo, I was able to get a photo of the talented (and gorgeous) Morgan Hoffman (follow her on Facebook here and Twitter here) with the TARDIS. I now have all three Inner Space hosts (Teddy and Ajay can be found in last year’s pictures). I love watching their show because they ask such intelligent questions, and talk about stuff I love. 😀

DSC00941small DSC00942small