Statue of Liberty

Due to the fact that we weren’t allowed to go into the Statue of Liberty, the closest we got to it was the Staten Island Ferry. This is an excellent (free!) vantage point from which to get pictures, although perspective shots don’t really work!


Here’s a zoomed in photo of her:


Brandon Routh

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Brandon Routh! (Twitter) Honestly, we weren’t going to get an autograph from him because of time (we were selling at Pop Expo for the second year in a row) and money (I’m in school). But it turned out that we had the time (very small turnout – it was disappointing) and the money. We happened to walk past Brandon Routh’s table when there was no line, and he was still there, so we walked right up to him. We said that we loved him in Partners (comedy show of a half season in length that is brilliant and should never have been cancelled!) and he replied that he loved that show, too. He was so incredibly sweet! (Morgan of Geek Charming has an awesome story about her meeting with him here). AND the best part? He loved my TARDIS. He liked it so much that he wrote down the number of our booth, and then searched it out! Totally made my weekend.


Nicole de Boer

Nicole de Boer (Twitter) was such fun to meet! Eric has a bit of a crush on her, so it was nice to see him flustered instead of me. We asked her if there had been a plan to make a spin-off of her all-girls team in Stargate Atlantis, or at least plans to bring them back. She said that yes they were supposed to come back, and that there was going to be a love story between her character and the doctor, but that the series was cancelled before they could work in that story line. Too bad. They needed more female actors on that show. 😀


Times Square 1

This view of Times Square has the New Year’s Eve ball on display. It changed colours every few minutes, and was very distracting to watch, although maybe that’s just me!


I am going to alternate NYC and Pop Expo pictures for the next couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy!

John Barrowman

“Shall we dance?” asked Jen, holding out the TARDIS.

“Great idea!” replied John Barrowman, pulling Jen tightly against him. “What will you do?” he continued, asking Eric over Jen’s shoulder.

“I will tap Jen on the shoulder, asking to cut in to dance with you.” responded Eric with a cheeky wink.

“Excellent!” laughed John Barrowman.

John Barrowman and us small

Carnegie Hall

When we walked past Carnegie Hall, I was very excited, but not for the reason that the tour guide thought. She asked who we knew that had performed there, and I said, with high enthusiasm, “John and Hank Green!!!!” Everyone looked at me with a blank expression on their faces. “Who?” *sigh*