Dave Bautista


I asked Dave Bautista (Facebook, Twitter) who his hero was when he was growing up, and how it felt to be a hero to today’s generation. His answer: “Great questions. My hero is Lou Ferrigno. It is intimidating and an honour to be thought of as a hero.”

I love his answer!! It was quite amazing to meet him. 😀

April Laramey


I (Jen) had the great pleasure of meeting the author April Laramey (Facebook, Twitter) this weekend, which reminded me that I had yet to post her picture with the TARDIS, taken at this year’s Can-Con. April also contributes to Capital Geek Girls and Apt 613, great sources of information around Ottawa.

Michael Rooker series

“Am I allowed to get my picture taken?”
DSC00959small“I’m not allowed to pose for pictures. But just keep clicking, sweetheart.”
DSC00960small“This is rather cool. Did you make it?”
DSC00961small*Commence internal freak out*
DSC00962small*Almost died of heart attack*
DSC00963smallMichael Rooker (link to his Twitter) was super sweet when I walked up to his table at the end of the day on Sunday. There was no line, and I wasn’t buying an autograph. I asked him if he was scared of the zombies in Walking Dead, and he said “No, because I know they’re not real.” Then I asked for a photo, and got this rather interesting set of pictures. The TARDIS fluffed up again nicely after being squished. And he called me “Sweetheart”. I was blushing rather furiously after that one.

Happy Halloween!


DSC00880smallDSC00879smallMeeting all three of the hosts of InnerSpace was an amazing experience. I was so excited that I had a hard time stringing words together to make a coherent sentence, which was a problem because they asked me about the TARDIS, my K-9 hair clip, and about my Karen Hallion t-shirt. I didn’t get a chance to tell them how much I enjoy watching their show!

Morgan Hoffman

This year, at Fan Expo, I was able to get a photo of the talented (and gorgeous) Morgan Hoffman (follow her on Facebook here and Twitter here) with the TARDIS. I now have all three Inner Space hosts (Teddy and Ajay can be found in last year’s pictures). I love watching their show because they ask such intelligent questions, and talk about stuff I love. 😀

DSC00941small DSC00942small

Matt Smith

Matt Smith had an extremely long line at his autograph table. He still tried to make each person’s time special.

I asked him what was his favourite thing about acting in Doctor Who. He replied that making friends with Karen [Gillan] and Arthur [Darvill] was the best part. (Aww!) I then asked for a picture with the TARDIS, which he wasn’t allowed to do, but he grabbed it and signed the top of it. (What!) Pictures of Matt returning the TARDIS and the signed top below.


Hayden Trenholm

Hayden has been on our blog before, but he is definitely worth mentioning again. A produced playwright and published author, as well as an actor and policy advisor, Hayden is one of those rare people who does a variety of things very well. He runs Bundoran Press with his wife, Elizabeth, who will be on our blog later this week. Like them on Facebook!


Arthur Darvill

I am more than a little excited about this picture, and I can’t resist posting it now. The following couple of weeks will have some surprises, too. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I had getting them! (doubt it!)

I asked him if he had a chance to practice singing “Let It Go – The Doctor Who Version” before he had to perform it. It’s brilliant – go check it out! He said that he did have a chance to read it over, but no, he did not get to practice it! Great job singing!