Feeling Old and a Mission

Short Story Collection

The other day I came up with the idea of collecting my short stories and maybe self-publishing them. My first instinct was that I’d never have enough and I’d have to write more.

After looking through my writing folders I certainly have enough content but I’m not convinced I have enough quality… Yet.

I get a perverse joy out of reading my old stories and pretending someone else wrote them. It’s easy, seeing as even some things on this blog I don’t remember writing. Some of it is good, some of it is terrible, but boy is there a lot of it.

Feeling Old

I feel old when I look through the folder and find some of my stories that are just shy of 2 decades old. My early stories could vote. That’s frightening. I didn’t consider myself a writer until I finished my first novel “Cerulean Skies” and even then I never considered writing regularly, but looking back I’ve been writing, in one form or another, for over twenty five years. I remember the first novel I tried to write. I had almost finished it and left it in an envelope. I found it when I moved to Ottawa in 2002, but I had made the terrible mistake of using pencil and it had faded beyond recognition.

I found some Dungeons and Dragons writing that I did for my first big campaign. I remember it being massive in scope. When I looked at it today it was barely 9000 words. Or as most of my author friends would call it, a few days’ work.

I think I’ll stick to stories that were written within the past decade for the collection.

I’m Terribly Sorry

There are several serial stories that I have written that I promised to write more and I seem to have completely forgotten.

If you’re interested in reading them here are the links:

Armstrong 3 (Space ship Science Fiction) – 2009

The Professor (Archeological Action Adventure) – 2009

The Cosmic Cuckoos (Adventure Science Fiction) – 2014

I plan on not only continuing these stories but re-writing and editing them into a coherent total. One of them may even become my next serialized story.

I have a Mission

I discovered around Christmas that I’d been collecting Urban-Fantasy/Fantasy series at an alarming rate. At last count, I have over 50 of them and more than 20 that I hadn’t read. No seriously, I have one series where I own the first 8 books and I’ve never read the author before.

In order to pare down my library and make sure I like the books, I’m on a quest to read the first in each series. I’ll be posting short reviews of each of the books unless I really love them or hate them.

Here’s what I’ve read so far this year and my opinions:

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

A great start and a wonderful read. I look forward to the next one. Rating: 80%

Night Child by Jes Battis

Not a terrible book but very uneven. The author’s metaphors were awkward, the characters were stupid and the style wasn’t consistent. Not planning on reading the rest of the series.

This book had so much potential and angered me so much that it gets the lowest rating I’ve ever given with 40%

Blood Relations by Caroline Fréchette

Check out my full review this Thursday.


That’s 3 down and 19 more to go.


What’s your favourite fantasy, science fiction, or urban fantasy? Let me know and I may add it to my list.

Armstrong 3 – Part 2

You might remember the Armstrong 3 from this Word of the Day story.


It had been two years since Angel and the others had set off on their mission to explore space. The crew of the Armstrong 3 had yet to meet any intelligent life. They’d discovered a native space creature that the crew nick named the Space Manatee but no intelligent life. If it wasn’t for Alina Pierre, the biologist and botanist, Angel would have been extremely uncomfortable on small ship with the four other men. Angel was a small woman who had trouble staying still; she had graduated from flight school at the age of fifteen and won the assignment to the Armstrong 3 when she was just seventeen. It was just a few days before her nineteenth birthday and she was feeling restless.

“What’s wrong Angel?” Alina spoke her name with a French accent which reminded her of home.

“I know… but well when I volunteered twenty years out in the black didn’t seem so long. Or boring for that matter.”

“I can understand but we have discovered over a hundred new life forms since we’ve left.”

At this statement Angel wrinkled her nose. “Yeah but except for the Manatee they’ve all been microscopic. I’m sorry but I’m a pilot and a weapons expert, microbes don’t really make life interesting for me.”

Before Alina could reply the captains voice rang over the loudspeaker. “We have an unidentified object forty degrees to starboard. All hands to your posts.”

Standing Angel smiled and ran out of the garden bay saying, “Finally something interesting.”

* * *                                                    

“We have the object on camera sir” said Sidney Smith, his black hair still ruffled from sleep.

It was roughly triangular with semi circles jutting out, and made of some form of polished metal.

Everyone was silent as they beheld what could only be a craft or probe made by intelligent creatures.

“Sid, try contacting them, try all frequencies and send the universal greetings.” said the captain.

Accessing the pre-recorded greetings in every known human language, Sidney turned and asked, “You don’t actually believe that they speak any of our languages do you?”

It was at this point that Angel walked onto the bridge and took her post. She nodded at the captain and gasped as she looked at the object. It was slowly turning a reddish colour and the point of the triangle moved to point in their direction.

“Sir, I’m getting an increase in energy on the ship, they’re either powering up engines or weapons.” Sidney sounded a little tense.

“You can’t tell which?” asked the captain and Sidney shook his head, “Evasive manoeuvres Angel let’s make sure we’re out of their way whether they’re trying to leave or fire. Make sure to keep playing the greetings, they might get the message eventually.”

The small triangular craft followed them as Angel moved the ship to avoid attack. It was more manoeuvrable then the Armstrong Three. The craft fired on them four times in quick succession and Angel managed to avoid all but one.

The captain ordered them to fire back and within moments two missiles were flying out towards their new enemy. The two missiles collided with the ship, exploding on impact. The blast left small amounts of debris and a lot of questions.

To Be continued…