I’m sick but COFFEE!

Hello My Imaginary Friends,

I hope everyone enjoyed The Assassin. If you did, feel free to go read the first story in the series, Hal the Sun Speaker. I will write more in this universe.


Saturday I helped move a wonderful lady that gave me more Starbucks coffee than I can handle, which is great. Unfortunately my immune system finally gave up fighting against the bug that the Weditor had two weeks ago. So I’m sitting wrapped in a blanket in our basement library with the little electric fireplace going and a cup of amaretto Starbucks coffee. Oh the hardship! I’d be in complete bliss if the room would stop spinning and I didn’t want to rip out my hateful throat.


I’ve been writing at a regular pace, other than this week, and I’m about to crack the 5 digits in word count. That might not seem like a lot to most of you but it’s the point where I decide if I’m going to keep writing or if I scrap a story.

So far I have 2 POV characters written and I’m enjoying the story. It feels a little slow but that’s just my enthusiasm to get to more action. The next planned POV character is a smartass thief and con artist. She should be fun to write. The last character is going to annoy me and I might drop him completely. He’s planned to be a computer jock with no outdoors skills and a huge ego. Maybe he won’t be that bad. I always feel guilty writing a jerk as a POV character.


I’ve decided against buying a BBQ drum roaster. I’m worried the BBQ itself will affect the taste. I really like the smooth taste that the hot air machines give. I’m going to try and hack the machines to give a larger yield.

For those interested here are the flavours that I will have available at the next event, which looks like the 21st of March.

Previous Flavours

  • Cinnamon Dark Roast (Raktajino)
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Medium Roast (Davroast)
  • Butter Rum Light Roast (Spiked Coffee)

Altered Flavours

  • Banana Cream Light Roast (Minion Coffee previously Captain Jack Harkness)

New Flavours

  • Peanut Butter Medium Roast (Jabba the Peanut)
  • Mystery Flavour (Announced after some experimenting)


Ok. I need to lay back and read some comics. Hopefully I’ll feel ok tomorrow.


Stay healthy friends.