Jamieson Wolf

We attended Renaissance Press’s multi-author book launch recently, and brought the TARDIS for photo-ops with the authors and their brand new books.

What I *should* have done was ask the author which (if any) of their characters would run off with the Doctor. Hopefully they’ll answer in the comments!

Learn about Jamieson and buy his book here!

Everdome Book Launch

Hello My Imaginary Friends,

Come celebrate the launch of my newest book Everdome!

The launch will be held October 5th, from 4 to 6 at 3Brewers on Sparks.

There will be readings from Everdome and the other six books being launched.

Join us for the launch of six extraordinary novels! Humour, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and reality TV? There’s something in here to please everyone!

There will be author readings, you can get your books signed, and we’ll be drawing door prizes. Plus, there will be much fun and merriment!

ACCESSIBILITY NOTE: the elevator is situated in the back of the pub. Please ask staff upon entry and they will guide you to it!

FOOD: Because of the large numbers we usually bring in, they asked us to tell our guests they will have a choice from the group menu. We went with option number one; there will be gluten-free options such as gluten-free buns or lettuce wraps, and there will also be vegan alternatives on site.

Hope to see you all there!


Renaissance Book Bash 2017


The celebration will be held at:
The 3 Brewers pub (240 Sparks St., Ottawa)
Sunday September 3rd, 2017, from 5:00 – 7:00 PM.
Join us for author readings, live drawing, exciting door prizes,
and of course, the opportunity to get your books signed!

Check out the event on Facebook!


Lust and Lemonade by Jamieson Wolf

LGBTQIA2+ / slice of life
In a world filled with one-night stands, glory hole blowjobs and weeklong romances, what does it take to find love? This is just what our protagonist Blaine worries about. Unlike his friends, he wants to settle down.
ISBN 978-1-987963-24-3 – Available now!


The Reluctant Barbarian by John Haas

Fantasy comedy
Arthur Jenkins would have been happy to live his life the way it was until he finally died, but the angel in his office has different ideas. He’s there to grant a wish Arthur made as a kid, and it’s a doozy. After all, what grown man would want to be a barbarian hero? Join Arthur, Dead Mike and Valeria the Paladin on a quest across the land, having unwanted adventures while looking for a comfy place to sit.
ISBN 978-1-987963-26-7 – Available September 3rd!


Daughters of Britain by S. M. Carriere

68 ad.
The Roman Empire has swallowed most of Europe.
There are pockets of resistance…
but nowhere, no one, is safe.
It’s life or death both in the arena and out for Mederei and Adalbern as they try to survive and save their people.
ISBN 978-1-987963-22-9 Available now!


Some Assembly Required by Caroline Fréchette

LGBT Graphic novel
Louis, Lily, and Laurent have been friends for most of their lives. When Lily and Laurent start dating, not only does Louis feel left behind, because of his unspoken love for Laurent, but Laurent also begins acting oddly, and it seems Louis may be in the best position to help…
ISBN 978-1-987963-28-1 – Available September 3rd!


Parasomnia by Éric Desmarais

Paranormal Mystery
At the Aux-Anges institute, nestled in the woods outside of North Bay, they study and treat parasomnias, or sleep disorders. When the patients and one of the counsellors discover the secret hideout of an old club called the Dreamers, they are shocked to find that the five of them are connected through more than just the Institute.
ISBN 978-1-987963-20-5 – Available September 3rd! 

A Study in Aether (My Book is being Published)

Hello My Imaginary Friends!

I’ve gotten word that my first book A Study in Aether has been sent to the printers. It’s also up on Renaissance’s website.

I’ve been working on this book for nearly seven years.  In that time, it’s been completely re-written twice, changed names three times (Elizabeth and the Lost Mittens, The Mitten Wizard were the other names.)

I’m so excited!!!!

Elizabeth Coderre has always known that there was something strange about her home town, Baker Ontario, but it isn’t until her English teacher disappears that she starts to find out how strange. Getting through classes, killer kitten swarms, and bullies are going to be the easy parts of surviving at Sir Arthur Conan Doyle High. Elizabeth and her best friends, Jackie and Angela, are up to the challenge… they hope.
Elizabeth Coderre has always known that there was something strange about her home town, Baker Ontario, but it isn’t until her English teacher disappears that she starts to find out how strange. Getting through classes, killer kitten swarms, and bullies are going to be the easy parts of surviving at Sir Arthur Conan Doyle High. Elizabeth and her best friends, Jackie and Angela, are up to the challenge… they hope.

What’s Next

Sometime this month the books will come in and the publisher will put them up for sale. They’ll be available directly from the publisher or from Amazon. They’ll also be available at multiple events around Ottawa.

I’ll do my best to be at the same events, either selling coffee or just for the book. That way you can get a signed copy. Eek!

Book Launch

Some time in October there will be a multi-book launch held by Renaissance Press and S.M. Carrière.

That will be the official launch party for the book and there will be some other awesome titles available.


Once I know the official dates I’ll let you know. Trust me, you’ll get sick of hearing about this if you aren’t already.





Human by S.M. Carrière – Recommendation Thursday


I can count on one hand the Vampire novels I’ve enjoyed. Most of the time they are filled with angst ridden, brooding, Lestat clones. It’s obvious that S.M. Carrière has done research on the history and mythology of vampires. These vampires are cursed and deadly, not huggable puppies.

The romance in this novel is intriguing in its lack of cringe worthy moments and highly enjoyable for its blush worthy sex scenes.

The story is a wonderful mix of political intrigue, monsters, romance, mystery, and action. It seriously has something for everyone. S.M Carrière has a strong, clear, and concise voice that is laced with wonderful prose.

Be warned, a side effect of vampires being monsters is a high death toll and the author doesn’t pull any punches. Be prepared to bawl your eyes out at least four times.

Go pre-order the book now at the Author’s website or join them and Renaissance Press at a huge book launch event at the Royal Oak (161 Laurier St., Ottawa) on Sunday October 25th, 2015, at 1:00 PM.

What kind of Vampires do you prefer?


I’ve done things I never thought I’d do…

Hello my Imaginary Friends,

Nice and dramatic title. It refers to book launches. I’ve been to two this year. Sad naïve me from a year ago didn’t even know they existed. I though launch parties were for movies or businesses.

If you don’t know what a launch party is, it’s simply a way to celebrate the release of a book. The author and everyone involved have worked hard for years and want to celebrate before they get back to repeating the same hard work.

The good thing about a book launch is you get to meet the author, get the book signed by them, and hear them read from the book. The bad thing, it’s usually in a noisy bar and the rest of the world doesn’t realize you’re trying to listen to a reading. Totally worth it.

My Wife…

Have a refered to her in the blog before? Maybe. I’m too lazy to go look. Maybe I should give her a pet name or something. Wifey? The Wife? Jen? The Alpha Reader? Spouse? Hummm. Darn it. Now I’ve not spent so much time writing and thinking of the word Wife. That it looks wrong. Ok Wife it is.

My Wife and I have turned these events into date nights. Which is awesome. Hopefully she agrees.

The Launch party I went to was for The Summer Bird By S.M. Carrière.

It was at the Royal Oak on Laurier and if you’ve ever been to a British style pub in Ottawa you know what it looked like. White stone like walls that are made from something accented with dark brown wooden beams and decorated with bilingual world war two posters and one big screen tv.

Not what my tired mind expected for a fantasy book launch. Don’t get me wrong the book launch was awesome. We talked with great people, a wonderful meal, heard a fantastic reading, and bought a great book.

When I went to sleep that night I relived the book launch in a much more medieval fantasy way… My wife and I arrived at the Queen’s longhouse in advance of the given time. We waited on the comfortable chairs near the crackling fire. The stone room wasn’t large. It had two long tables and a small dais for the Queen’s throne.

We didn’t wait long. The Elven Queen S.M. and her Knight Protector J The Amazing Flatmate, arrived and greeted us. As they made sure that everything was prepared and ready for the festivities, several other guests arrived. There was the Minstrel T. of the Brown Coat and Sir B a Knight Champion, along with a dozen or so guests. As an aspiring monarch myself, it was nice to see the level of enthusiasm everyone had for the Queen and her work.

The evening passed quickly, the food and drink was abundant and the Queen never actually sat on her throne, choosing instead to sit with her guests. Spending time at each table.

When the meal was cleared, the Queen stood to thank everyone and to read of her work. (Since it was close to Halloween she read chapter 13.) She somehow found the perfect lighting to stand under (I’m not exaggerating S.M. found the most regal lighting possible.) As she read the hall became quiet. Everyone was captivated by her words. The only sounds that could be heard were her reading and the uncultured brutes in the other hall.

The hall burst into applause when she had finished. With the speech finished, my wife and I decided to head out. The Queen signed our book and thank us. We said goodbye to our new noble friends and headed home.

Probably from now on my mind will use this version as the truth. So if I ask where S.M. had such an awesome themed book launch just roll your eyes and leave me to my delusions.

We were at the bus stop before we realized that we hadn’t paid for dinner. I felt so horribly guilty that I ran all the way back. The waitress just shrugged and said it happened often. I still feel horrible about it. I might have to rethink my plans of becoming a master criminal.

If you want an ebook version of the Summer Bird, it’s available on all the major sites. If you want a hardcopy you’ll be able to buy one at Pop Expo in December. Get one it’s worth it. I’ve only had one chapter read to me and I whole heartedly encourage you to read it.

Until we meet again,