Shiro and Keith

It is Ottawa Comic Con today, and I’ve still got a few pictures left from last year. Yay!

Have some of my favourite people: Takashi Shirogane and Keith (presumed Kogane). We already know what would happen if the Doctor needed help – they would jump into action. Thanks for saving the universe!

Cuba…in Canada?

Do you like the atmosphere of Cuba, but don’t want to leave the country (assuming you’re Canadian)? There’s a new campground in Quebec that brings Cuba to Canada!

Image from the home page of

Camping Havana Resort is a regular campground with Cuban flair. There are activities, dancing, and a resort-sized pool to enjoy, and (according to their website) all the people who work there are from Cuba.

So pack up your tent or rent a cabana and drive on over to this new camp!

Are you interested in travelling to Cuba (in Canada or not)? You can contact Jennifer Desmarais through Orleans Travel.