Toothless and Stitch

A LOT of art picture Toothless and Stitch together, getting into mischief. So when I found out that Victoria Putinski (@incaseyouart on most social media, her store can be found here) was going to wear her new Toothless onesie to Ottawa Comic Con Holiday Edition 2019, of course I immediately planned to put my baby Pegasus in his Stitch onesie so I could get their picture together.

He kept wanting to look at her, which made for a difficult picture session!

Sailor Scouts

Mysticfae Art and friends got together an awesome Sailor Scout group cosplay! Pardon the blurring of the background – the art was distracting from the props and costumes.

l-r: Chibusa, Sailor Moon (Monet of Mysticfae), Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus (Vivian of Mysticfae), and Sailor Mars