More Great News and something about fish

Hello My Imaginary Friends,

Lots of stuff to talk about today. Let’s get started.

More Great News!

They say news comes in threes. At least my Mom used to say that my grandfather said, “Never two without three.” (I’m never quite sure if he actually said those things or she made them up)


A few months ago my wonderful Wife received a contract to publish Blush, a card game to open communication channels about sex.

Learn more about Blush.

Ask an Anonymous question.

A Study in Aether (Formerly The Mitten Wizard)

Last week I signed a contract to publish my first book. Hopefully to be released this year.


Today I’ll be signing a contract for Parasomnia. It’s with the same publisher, an awesome small press, as A Study in Aether.

I’m still in shock at how close the two contracts came in.

After almost 7 years of writing seriously and trying to get published I get two contracts? I feel extremely thankful and I little bewildered.

Fortune Cookie

At a party this weekend I got a fortune cookie. It said, “Wisdom comes not from age but from experience.” It’s right but boy did it make me feel old and unwise.

I haven’t lived the most adventurous life but I’d like to think I’ve learned to be wise… maybe just a wiseass.

I will smack you in the face with fish

I read this article this morning and found it to be overall condescending. Maybe it was meant as tongue in cheek… Maybe not.

Either way, be warned, I’m extremely proud of the stuff I, and my wife, make and sell so you’ll be getting smacked in the face by fish… a lot.

Serial Story

So the serial stories aren’t attracting a lot of votes but they do attract a lot of readers. This makes me think I’ve given you too many choices.

You have until Wednesday midnight to vote on which story you’d like to proceed to the next step. The story with the lowest vote count will be eliminated and I’ll put up a new poll.

The poll:

What do you want 2016's Serial Story to be?

  • Wargrave Island (57%, 4 Votes)
  • The Ruby Child (29%, 2 Votes)
  • Faeries Vs Robots Vs Aliens (14%, 1 Votes)
  • The Cosmic Cuckoos (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 7

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Please Vote!

The stories

Faeries Vs Robots Vs Aliens

The Cosmic Cuckoos

Wargrave Island

The Ruby Child


Hope you’re having a great day!



Hello My Imaginary Friends,

I have fantastic news…But First:

Vote for this Year’s Serial Story

If you haven’t voted for this year’s serial story, Go Vote Now! There are currently only 3 votes and I know for a fact at least 5 people read the story…

Fantastic News

I got word Friday that a publisher is interested in A Study in Aether. In fact I signed and returned the contract minutes ago. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! (I’m a little excited.) I can’t disclose too much information yet but once I can, I will let you all know.

For those who don’t remember or know; A Study in Aether was my second completed novel and one I’m very proud of. It’s the first in a, hopefully, nine book series. I’ve written the next two and I guess need to start cleaning them up.

I had so much help with this book and I appreciate everyone who’s followed it and me all the way along. Particularly I’d like to thank my wife, my father in law, Rob D., PY L., and Caroline F.

Ok. Now I have to get back to writing Everdome.


I’m so proud, nervous, and excited about this… eek!