Jack-Jack and Lance

I think that Lance (from Voltron) would be great with kids. Not so sure he could handle Jack-Jack’s superpowers, but it seems like everything’s under control in this picture.

For now.

Dance Lance created by wittyy_name on AO3 with art by wolfpainters on Tumblr for a fanfiction called Shut Up and Dance With Me. Please note, you must be over 18 to read this.

Disney Cruise Line 2020

Starting tomorrow, Disney Cruise Line is accepting bookings for early 2020!

There are new itineraries, including departures from New Orleans in Louisiana, visits in Puerto Rico, and a Hawaiian Island cruise! There will, of course, continue to be cruises departing from Florida and California.

Image from disneytravelagents.ca (not available to non-agents, sorry!)

Are you interested in travelling on a Disney Cruise? You can contact Jennifer Desmarais through Orleans Travel. jennifer.desmarais@orleanstravel.ca

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