Your Nostalgia isn’t an Excuse to be Jerk

Hello Nostalgics,

Do you find yourself wishing you could go back to a time that was simpler? Do you wish life was like it was before? Do you want the things from your childhood?

I think we should probably rename us Millennials as the Nostalgics. Wanting to escape to our past isn’t a new concept, but wow have we rolled with it. Obviously a large part of it is the big corporations seeing the profit in reviving, rebooting, and re-imagining old properties.

I mean, I could do without the cold war coming back, but overall, nostalgia isn’t that bad.

Don’t get me wrong, as someone who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, they weren’t great. As much as I like Stranger Things, it’s not for the 80’s. It’s possible to capture the feel and joy of those movies in the modern day. (Finding ‘Ohana is a great example.)

There is nothing wrong with the comfort of media that we consumed at impressionable ages. It’s comforting, familiar, and fun. However, it’s important to be critical of it. You can’t love something so much that you ignore it’s faults. Ghostbusters is awesome, but there’s a lot of questionable ethics and uncomfortable moments.

This unquestioning devotion to a property is destructive.

Ignoring the overwhelming quantity of bigotry in modern fandoms, the strict adherence to a nostalgic perfection is the most messed up thing.

There isn’t a new version or movie that doesn’t get hit with constant complaints. Maybe it’s just the internet, but I watched the Star Wars Prequels with nerds when they came out. I think it’s a natural reaction to want to protect both the emotions and the preciousness of our favourite media. The most simple example is that everyone hates a cover unless it was the first version they heard or it’s done by an artist they like.

I mentioned it was destructive. It is. Not separating new and old means you get aggressive and frustrated. This leads to making the people who like the new stuff feel attacked. All of it ends in a polarization that is unhealthy.

Next time you see that they’re making a new version of your favourite media, remember that it won’t replace the original. Your feelings about the new one can and shouldn’t affect how you feel about the original. (No, they’re not ruining it. The original will not self-destruct.)

Spite isn’t a good look on anyone, especially not a fandom.

As for the bigots? They really need to shut up, but they are definitely the loud minority. If you find yourself agreeing with them, think about your position and decide if attacking your favourite media and its new fans is the best way to love it.

Loving something should never mean insulting, demeaning, mocking, or otherwise being a jerk to others.

Stay safe and be kind,