While I don’t encourage travelling to the States right now, add this one to your list for the future.

I saw Ocean’s Eight last night, and after a rough night with the toddler, my brain is functioning at a very low capacity, so I’m going to stick with what I dreamt about all night: the MET.

The MET was (along with Cartier and the house) the main location of the movie. It was gorgeous, and every bit as fantastic as I remembered. When I visited NYC in 2014, we had about an hour in the museum (not enough time!) and I really want to go back.

Tip: it says that the “recommended entry fee” is $25. But you can pay whatever you like to get in. We paid $2 each.

The fountain outside the MET

The Egyptian Gallery – the dinner for the Gala in the movie takes place in here

Go see this movie! It’s fun, and the acting is amazing. I think I liked it better than Clooney’s Ocean’s Eleven – and that’s saying something!

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Bethesda Fountain

Oh no! Where are all the people? Where is the Doctor? The Angels are here!



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