Statues of Versailles

I couldn’t zoom in on the statues and still have the TARDIS in the shot, but LOOK AT THEM?!

Can you imagine being in one of those rooms and glancing out the window and thinking that there’s a person outside the window? Eeek!

Happy Halloween (soon)!


This is the entrance to the King’s side of the palace. The Queen’s side was closed for renovations, which is probably one of the reasons it was so incredibly packed. I got to go in early and nurse Dragon, so I get to say that I nursed in Versailles!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

First sight of Versailles

I could almost imagine myself being a visiting royalty as we pulled up to Versailles.

Yet again, we arranged a private tour of Versailles. The company that we went with, Artventures, was worth every penny (every Euro?) and I highly recommend them. The guide picked us up from our hotel and drove us out to Versailles, took us to a side entrance for tours, found a way for me to get inside to sit down so I could nurse Keladry, gave us a wonderful tour full of incredible anecdotes for every room we were in, and was super patient while I took many many pictures with the TARDIS.

The only thing I did not like was the massive amount of people and the lack of places to sit. I was in so much pain that by the end I couldn’t concentrate and was in tears. Literally the worst pain I’ve ever been in, and I include childbirth in that (I did have an epidural, but that’s besides the point). So if you get pain from standing for long periods of time, I recommend viewing the gardens rather than the interior of the palace of Versailles.