Bad Books

Hello Imaginary Friend,

Something has been bothering me lately. The idea of whether a book can be bad and I think my opinion is going to be unpopular.

How a book can be bad

There are two ways I can see a book being bad.

One; they come to life and try to stab people. (Arguably the homicidal books could be considered misunderstood. If people tried to bend my pages and break my spine, I’d be pissed.)

Two; if the book was decomposing and had gone bad. (I swear I will never write another book on banana peels again.)

Academics and Morality

You can analyze a book and come to the conclusion that it’s not of academic importance. Its themes are weak, its ideas cliché, its language reductive, and it’s message garbled. You can then pass judgment on it as an example of poor writing and say it’s bad.

You can also analyze a books Morality and message and find it to be opposed to your beliefs. You can find books reprehensible in their message and morals. Does that make a book bad? Evil yes bad, I’m not sure.

There are examples throughout history of people finding a book academically wanting and of no importance and being horribly wrong. My classic example is Shakespeare’s plays, academics of his time dismissed his plays as useless and base. Same has applied to morality.

Reading is Good

There are a lot of arguments about whether or not the Harry Potter series, Twillight Series, or 50 Shades of Grey Series are good.

There’s one argument that people use to stop discussing their worth. “At least they have people reading.” As an Aspiring Author, this argument makes perfect sense financially for me. More people who read equal a larger possible audience. So consider me biased.

Let’s take 50 Shades of Grey, (sold over 90 million books).

Are there many people who picked up the series, people who have never read before? Possibly. I’d guess there aren’t as many as Harry Potter since it’s aimed at an older audience.

Are those people going to try and find more like this to read? Probably. Either because they were disappointed and wanted something else or because they liked it and want more.

Is a whole group of people looking for something else in the same style a bad thing? I don’t know. I haven’t read the books but from what my sources tell me there are some pretty wrong notions on gender equality and the nature of BDSM. I’m willing to bet that there are some great books in the same genre that would reinforce good ideas and that there will be more people who find them because of it though.

Is it bad for the publishing world? I don’t know and I don’t have an opinion on this.

How can something so crappy be so popular? You’ll hear all sorts of sexist comments on this subject. Try to not punch those who make them. (It’s not worth it.) Something was missing from society and publishing that people didn’t know they wanted until they had the chance.

Whether it was the fact that 50 Shades of Grey wasn’t hiding behind a curtain, or that it made people talk about sex and erotica, I don’t know. But I’m convinced that it wasn’t a fluke but an untapped market.

What’s your point Eric?

Wow you’re impatient today. It’s simple. In my opinion it’s better for people to be reading and getting passionate about books than to never read and not care.

Reading is a great way to relax, learn new words, discover new worlds, and learn more about yourself.

Reading is good. Telling people what to read is bad.

Eric’s Rule about Media

This is something you’ve been told your whole life and it’s simply this:

Consume all media critically!

I’m sure I didn’t come up with this idea. None the less, passively consuming anything is a bad idea. Question what you’re consuming and try to understand what makes you like or dislike something.

By understanding how something makes you feel and what it’s trying to say you are not only helping yourself but you’ll be able to give people a better idea why you like or dislike something.

One last thing

STOP attacking people about what they read!

STOP acting like your preferred literature is better!


(Blogs, books, magazines, social media, newspapers, etc)

The last Horcrux

The other day I came across this comic and it got me thinking.

Click to read the rest of this hilarious comic
Click to read the rest of this hilarious comic

Here’s the story of the last Horcrux:

In the last days before the battle of Hogwarts, Voldemort decided that he must survive. To this end he created a last Horcrux, one that no one could ever find. Unlike his others, he used and ordinary grain of sand.

This last Horcrux was tossed into the deepest ocean. Oneits way into the deepest parts of the ocean, a deep water fish mistook it for food and chased it down. It swallowed the grain of sand and proceeded to swim into a magical tear between worlds.

The tear led into a lake. Being a deep water fish, the poor fish was completely blinded by the light in this little lake. It was quickly caught by a fisherman, who gutted it and brought it home. The fish’s guts however were left on the beach to decompose.

There the grain stayed for a few years until a jewellers apprentice came looking for sand to temper jewellery. The sand on this beach was perfect. He collected a large sack of sand including the grain which was a Horcrux.

The sand was brought to a land called Erigion and was to be used in the forging of magical rings by the Lord of Gifts himself Annatar.

With Annatar’s help, the Elves of Erigion forged Seven rings for the Dwarf-Lords, and nine rings for the Mortal Men. The lord of Erigion, Celebrimbor, didn’t trust Annatar and under the guise of perfecting the art of ring forging, he created another three while Annatar watched.

Annatar was actually an evil lord called Sauron who had hopes to dominate all of Middle-earth. His corrupting touch had infused the first seven and nine with a little of his own power but since he hadn’t touched the three they had been spared.

As Annatar, Sauron, watched the forging of the three elven rings of power, his senses pulled him towards the sand. As he probed the sand with his power he realised that some poor human wizard had bound a piece of his soul to a grain of sand.

At first, this made the dark lord laugh, but then it gave him an idea. Having completed teaching Celebrimbor and the Elvin smiths how to create magical rings, he departed to Mordor, where he had made his home and empire.

Once there, he forged another ring with the sand in the fires of Orodruin, later to be called Mount Doom. There in his secret forge, Sammath Naur, he used the sand one last time. He followed the example of the human wizard and split his soul into the ring, and giving it the ability to control the others.

The gold was soft and when it was placed in the sand to temper it, a grain of sand was forced deep into its core. Trapping the last remnants of Voldemort’s soul, inside the ring.

We all know what happened to that ring and how the last Horcrux was destroyed.

Late in the night, Gollum, Bilbo, and Frodo could sometimes hear the cries of Voldemort’s soul from the ring. It’s probably better we don’t know what horrors Sauron inflicted on him.

Tom Felton

By far my most exciting, and yet disappointing pictures. I was SO ridiculously excited to meet Tom Felton, and I asked if I could get a picture of him holding my TARDIS. He said he couldn’t hold it, but I could put it in front of him and take a picture. And then he picked it up. “This is so cool” he said. “Isn’t this cool?” showing it to his PA. “You did a great job with this” he said to me. All the while I was frantically trying to get a good picture and stop freaking out. He even stopped to pose, and my camera wouldn’t cooperate! 🙁 He was so nice about it. I have a new-found love for Tom Felton. He is a super nice guy!

About Time Movie Review


I was offered two free tickets to an advanced showing of About Time. It officially comes out on November first. It is a Romantic Comedy with a twist. The main character can travel back in time.

To truly enjoy the movie, you have to keep in mind that it is a Romantic Comedy and not a time travel movie. I kept expecting his jumps back to have disastrous and unfixable repercussions. They never happened. Yes there were a few “Oh Crap” moments but the main character seems to have the ability to reset the timeline without any problems.

At its core this movie isn’t about time, it’s about family and love. It beautifully sidesteps any moral questions by having the main character be completely sweet and upstanding. He doesn’t use his power to make the perfect date or to learn everything about the girl in order to seduce her. He meets her and they fall for each other without any use of time travel.

The strength of the movie is in its characters. They are all unique, memorable, lovable, and sweet. From the quirky father, the flower child sister, the grouchy playwright, all the way to the nutty uncle; each character is wonderfully played and written.

The movie is sappy and a little heavy handed in the end but that doesn’t take away from its constant laughs and good time.

Is this the greatest movie ever made? Probably not but it was a lot of fun and easily one of my favourite movies of the year. Possible of all time.

If you liked Love Actually, Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral, or enjoy funny love stories… Go see it.



In honour of the snow that is falling (and hopefully staying) on the ground today, my picture is of the Gryffindor snowman made in Hogsmeade. I have to say, it felt incredibly weird to be SO hot in Florida, but to be surrounded by snow in Hogsmeade.

I also have an announcement to make! This Friday, I will be cutting my prices in my store by 25%, in honour of Black Friday. I may keep the prices cut until Cyber Monday, but that depends on many factors.
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