I adore Toothless as a character, and even more when he shows up at my table! This cosplay was 100% perfect, and totally made my day.

Side note: I really hope no one is confused as to why we nicknamed our baby Dragon – does this help to clear it up though?

Ruff and Tuff

No one is more excited to see Dragons: Race to the Edge on Netflix than Ruffnut and Tuffnut! They fought over who would get to use the TARDIS to come forward in time. But you don’t have to! It starts today!! (Website)

This was my favourite picture from Ottawa Comic Con. They were absolutely perfect!


Gobber, Astrid and Stormfly obligingly posed for this great picture. Astrid was disappointed the TARDIS didn’t actually open.

We had a blast at Ottawa Comic Con 2015 and are looking forward to next year! If you see a picture of yourself, please send us an email to request the original.


Astrid and Hiccup

These two really don’t need an introduction. Their movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2” won a Golden Globe for Best Animated Movie this year.


I am helping to organize a new craft fair that is happening March 21, 2015. It is called CON Creative Ottawa Nerds. You can say that you’re going to the event here, and you can like our Facebook page here. Éric wrote about it here.

Recommendation Wednesday – How to Train your Dragon 2


Last night I went to see How to Train your Dragon 2 for the second time. I loved the movie both times but appreciated it more the second time.

The first time I was hung up on one character being super awesome at the beginning and not doing anything later on. I made the mistake of equating Ecological Zeal, Talent with dragons, and acrobatic skill with ability in combat. The character wasn’t a great fighter but I assumed she was from her ability with the dragons.

The movie’s pacing was fantastic. The moment you think it’s getting slow it adds action.

Where it really succeeded, with me, was in the little moments, the interactions between the characters when their lives weren’t in peril. There are three or four beautiful moments of interaction that make the movie for me.

If you can, I recommend you go see it. It’s my favourite movie of the year so far, beating out The Lego Movie and Captain America the Winter Soldier.

If you’ve seen it, what did you think?