Infant Passport

Canada’s instructions for children’s passports can be found here.

After Birth

You get the choice of requesting the short or long form birth certificate. Infants now require proof of parentage to get a Canadian passport, so you must get the long form birth certificate (or other similar document)!

The Application

Follow the instructions for the passport here.

The Passport Photo



This is the most complicated part of the passport application process, especially with a very small infant. Keep in mind, Keladry was just over one month old at the time of the photo. So here are some things that worked for us:

  • change diaper to wake the infant up
  • feed the infant to make them happy
  • wrap a receiving blanket around the infant
  • place one hand around the infant’s torso, supporting the chest, under the blanket
  • the other hand can go under their bum
  • lean them against the white background – this supports the head (unless they can hold their head up on their own)
  • get the photographer to keep taking pictures until the infant complains

Side note: do NOT bring a sheet to drape over yourself to hold the infant. It worked really well, except that there can’t be wrinkles in the sheet…


Remember, although the infant’s eyes need to be open and the head has to be upright (no tilting!), the mouth is allowed to be open.