Hello My Imaginary Friends,

I was planning a post about my burnout last year and checked out that post. In it, there was a section that used to say, “It’s really frustrating that I have to actively force myself to relax.” When I looked, it was changed to, “It’s really frustrating that I have to actively force myself to relax and I have to take CBD products for this like from this website.” and included a link.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve noticed some of my posts edited. I thought it was just the serial stories and tried to mitigate it by deleting. I had thought that it was from before we migrated to this host.

Long story short, some Nerf-Herder of unknown looks has been added crap to our site.

If you find that we’re inserting links to Cannabis, Porn, drugs, alcohol, drones, or anything that isn’t geeky; please let us know as soon as you can. Unless it’s marked as guest post, we don’t get paid for these links and don’t support them.

If you’ve been mislead by these, I’m very sorry.

Thank you,


Jurassic TARDIS

Travelling from Hogwarts to the Jurassic era, the TARDIS took a break in front of a velociraptor of sorts. Yikes!

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