Denmark’s LEGO

How many of you played with LEGO as a kid? How many of you actually raised your hand reading that?

Personally, I played with Duplo, not LEGO. My other half played with LEGO. We still have a lot of both to pass on to our Dragon, and hopefully she will have as much fun building with it as we did.

Do you want to recapture your joy of LEGO, or if you’ve never lost it, do you want to explore your enjoyment of it further?

Legoland image from here.
Legoland image from here.

Might I suggest travelling to the origin of these super cool toys? Denmark!

Denmark is awesome, and is definitely in my top ten places to visit. There are tons of really cool things to see and do in this country, as well as Legoland. You can contact me to find out more!

Obscure facts about LEGO can be found here.

You can stay and play in a world made of LEGO. Go to this link and admire the amazing pictures of the LEGO creations. Then imagine how much more incredible it would be in person.

If you are interested in booking a trip to Denmark to visit Legoland. You can contact Jennifer Desmarais through Orleans Travel.