Coffee Testers Club Results

Marshmallow coffee

Hello Coffee Lovers,

A few months ago I asked a special and wonderful few to test out four flavours and fill out a survey on which they liked best. Two were extremely close, but the following flavour won out in the end. It will be available at Ottawa Comic Con, and after that on JenEric Coffee.

My Neighbour Marshmallow


Along with this flavour we will also have the following available:

I look forward to seeing all the coffee and crochet lovers in two weeks (May 12-14) at Ottawa Comic Con.

Later Days,


Dil, Tabitha, and baby Dab


My sister introduced me to Dan (Twitter) and Phil (Twitter) just after Keladry was born, so she has “grown up” with their voices. It just made sense for her first cosplay to be Baby Dab, from DanandPhilGames play the Sims. I cannot recommend these two YouTubers enough, on both of their own channels (AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire), and on their collaborative efforts.

Also in the picture with Baby Dab are Dil (cosplayed by Lindsay (Website, Twitter)), and Tabitha (cosplayed by Victoria (Instagram, Twitter)), and Dan (held by Dil) and Phil (held by Tabitha) plushies.

(The TARDIS is hidden…can you find it?)


Ottawa Public Library

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You don’t always have to travel far away to do things involving Fandom. On May 6th starting at 1pm, the Ottawa Public Library is hosting a Comics in Conversation panel, with speakers Meags Fitzgerald (Photobooth, Long Red Hair) and Ryan North (Adventure Time, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!!!!). And then Josephine Rioux (Cat’s Cradle) will be hosting an illustration workshop for teens (age 12-18).

All of this will be happening at the Ruth E Dickinson branch (100 Malvern in Barrhaven), and is sponsored by The Wizard’s Tower.

Who’s planning on attending?

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If you are interested in booking a trip, you can contact me Jennifer Desmarais through AJ Travel.