Recommendation Thursday – Decked Out, Disaster Decks, and Custom Built

I am not really a handy person. I can hang pictures, do some basic plumbing but I can’t install a water softener. I can patch a hole in drywall; beyond that I’m completely useless without help.

My skills are mostly book related but I love watching HGTV. I was amazed to find out how many of the HGTV stars are Canadian.

Over the past year, my wife and I have fallen for a team on the network that has multiple shows. Each show is awesome and they’re both instructional and funny. The team consists of Paul Lafrance, Joey Fletcher, David Kenney, and Kate Campbell. With others.

Decked Out

Has the team building insanely beautiful and elaborate decks.

Disaster Decks

Has the team teaching a poor home owner how to build strong and legal decks. (My only gripe with this one is that the homeowner that helps them is almost always the guy.)

Custom Built

The newest by this team but by far my favourite; each episode they build a new piece of furniture for one customer and renovate a room for another. That even inspired me to check the leather furniture gallery – too many new ideas I’ve got! Their ideas are always creative and fun.

If you like watching building shows where they make amazing stuff go check out all of these shows.