I’m Sorry I Lied (And Rejection Sucks)

Hello Imaginary Friends, Coffee Drinkers, Crochet lovers, and all around awesome fans,

At Comiccon I told a lot of you that we were going to be a Geek Market in the fall. I lied, or better, I was a little arrogant. You see, we weren’t accepted at the time, but I felt that the strength, and uniqueness of our product was enough to guarantee us a spot.

Like I said, it was arrogant and I must apologize because JenEric Designs and Gourmet Coffee will not be attending. This Fall’s event is a juried event. They, from what I’ve been told, judged quality of product, uniqueness of product, and visual appeal of tables/booths.

We were told that we scored well in the first two, but for vendors in our category we scored poorly on visual appeal. We’re on the wait list but I’m not expecting to be going.

My first reaction was anger (rejection hurts) and then I took a long hard look at our booth and I realized that I’ve been neglecting evolving the outside look. I’ve concentrated really hard on storage in the booth to make sales go faster and on coffee products.

My second reaction was confusion. I had no idea what to do to improve. So I contacted Geek Market and asked to know the criteria, our scores, and what category we are considered. (Being both coffee and crochet can put us into multiple categories.) We received a reply on May 19th saying that they’d get back to us in a couple of days.

It’s humbling to be told that your table isn’t visually appealing, but we’ve taken steps to try and make it better. We’ve ordered custom printed table cloths, and I’m working on a way of adding levels to our display.

I hope that we’ll be able to get back into Geek Market in the future. Sales are good and I know there are certain fans that we only get to see at that event.

Once again, I’m sorry,


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Holiday Shopping!

Hello Imaginary Friends,

Sometimes it’s really, Really, REALLY hard to find a gift for family and friends.

You want to find that WOW gift that is both unique and awesome; the gift that the person receiving will be ranting about for years.

My amazing wife knit me a Baker scarf for Christmas three years ago. It was her first knitting project. Not all of us can create stuff that is that awesome.

Here’s a secret for finding that most awesome gift: Check out your local convention’s artist alley. The things you’ll find there are awe inspiring.



For those in Ottawa, this weekend is PopExpo. Most of the vendors will have lots of stock and some will even take commissions. (Come see us at tables 2214 & 2216) P.S. Kids under 12 get in for free and they have awesome stuff for kids!

If you don’t want to go to the convention, check out their website they almost always have a list of previous or future vendors.

Creative Ottawa Nerds


Here’s a list of amazing artists and artizans that took part in the second Craft Fair Hosted by Creative Ottawa Nerds.

You’ll find some great stuff and most of them will ship or deliver.

JenEric Designs

FB_IMG_1431098126397 (2)

Last, but not least, is our store. Go look at what we have. Our Crochet Commisions are currently limited but we do have a big stock of items. Just contact us and ask.

Coffee is always available, as are buttons.

Just send us a message and we’ll help you out.


Good luck Holiday Shopping,


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