Throwback Thursday – Birth of JenEric

Hello my Imaginary Friends,

I’m stupid busy with work and life so here’s a picture from just over 10 years ago when I proposed to Jen and on the train ride back, Jen came up with the idea of the JenEric Wedding Blog and the name eventually morphed into this blog, JenEric Designs, and JenEric Coffee.

Happy Throwback and to Jen: I Love you lots!


Aspiring Something.

Aspiring Something?

I like to think of myself as a romantic fool. A Nostalgic Dreamer. I almost used that as the blogs name but it didn’t represent the goal. The goal is to upload my creative activities. I aspire to, many things and I’d like to think that in some cases I actually succeed.

So welcome and here’s one of my favourite photos for the moment:

Set up and taken remotly.